I'm no hero and can't even stand under the weight of my own deception
A fake. an illusion, fools gold in the eye of a fooled buyer of empty recollections
A meaningless life fading into obscurity where no one will notice the shadow my soul left behind
just another stain on the floor where once was spilled blood in paterns I thought were poetry
Now nothing more than a sea of dried up tears where rivers once flowed with a rainbow of passion
But to make a rainbow there must be sunlight,
some light of some kind to erase the darkness
Yet there is nothing but darkness here now,  
Icey shards of broken breath that once warmed my heart
When they were whispers of passion in the distant past from between a lovers lips
Now no lovers tresspass across my darkened parapet
My sky crumbles to dust as my foundation sinks into a molten hole
That hardens as swiftly as the air brushes the surface of my baron world
How can I care when all I want is to drift into an endless sleep in and endless dream?
Anything would be be preferable to this existence of emptiness in endless free fall
No one cares or comes to rescue me, fifty six years waisted away, a spec of eternity
I am nothing to no one, time will go by without me
and without this marker no one would notice
If I wrote a program to post poems for another hundred years,
it would just be ignored data
Just like everything I ever did, like steam off a fresh turd in winter no one wants to step in
When the snow melts I will be reabsorbed into the soil where dandilions grow,  
a weed to be killed for the crime of littering on someone's pretty green lawn
When I was young I just wanted to be a star to light someone's dark sky
Now I've become the night in need of a shining light in a universe of blockholes
I'd stop to say goodnight but there is nothing good about a night that never ends
Written by Poetryman
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