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The Advantages of Cherishing others

"With the intention to attain
The ultimate supreme goal
May I constantly cherish
All living beings"

- Geshe Langri Tangpa


"Who are you, and what do you seek?"
The Blessed One asks.

I answer him,

"I am a Fortunate One, seeking Great Bliss".

"Then you must learn to cherish others".

And so, my path begins;

Living beings all share the same wish,
To be happy and free from suffering,
And yet, we destroy the causes of happiness,
And run straight towards suffering like a lover.

So much pain, so much corruption, so much violence.
But, there is also another view, let me show you,
If I may.

Make yourself a cup of tea, (or whatever you like to drink)
I will show you the kindness of all sentient beings within it.

The cup you hold,
Moulded, on the potter's wheel,
By hands, and care,
A gift from them to you.

The tea you drink,
Grown, picked and cultivated,
By the villagers,
Flown by pilots,
Sold by shopkeepers.

The money you earn,
From a job or welfare,
Given to you, provided,
By employers or state.

The sugar you stir in,
The chair you sit on,
The intricate web of kindness
In everything around you
In everything you benefit from
All from others

It matters not what their
Intentions are, only that
You benefit from them
We cannot know the minds
Of others anyway.

There is not one thing
You brought with you
From your previous life
You came in naked
You will leave with only
What is in your heart

Even this body you cling to
Or detest, but need and use
Is from the union of your parents
It is not truly ours
It's on loan
From kind benefactors

And if you seek enlightenment
It is in dependence of others
That you will attain it.
Their kindness.
If they are angry,
You will attain patience,
If they are poor,
You will attain the perfection of giving,
Your bodhichitta wish
Will manifest because of them.

Shantideva said,
"All the happiness in this world
Arises from the wish to
Benefit others".

Without them,
Who is there to develop
All our good qualities?

So, yes, you may see greed,
Or war,
Or political and religious hatred.
But there is kindness in this world too
If you open your heart
And see it.
Written by Sky_dancer (The Cosmic Dragon)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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