Gatling Gun(ned)  

Gatling Gun(ned)
(Thirteen of 30 -- Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2019)

in the present might very well
be the antagonist of
 rue and regret.
However, assuming the role
of oppugnant may not suffice
for perfervid ligatures have
proven to be a powerful
ally and conduit to the past.

When we kick out past pain
memories full of abusive bile
and fucking predators’ lies
to the curb……………

Does this liberate us from the past?

Three times today
Once a day
A bazillion times
a day
How much is too much?
Gatling gunning us with
an array of negative lead
and the shrapnel carving
we who want to help.

I would willingly take the
fucking short sword, the one
that causes the throbbing
the acute dull deadening pain
and despite my lack of emotional
Honor with a Seppuku* act
This is not Feudal Japan, home of
my ancestors and Brothers
Honorable Samurai.

I cannot and will not dishonor
Love and Kindness………..


There have been far worse ways
for us to harm each other
of our past attachment

In the blink of an eye………..
We are vaporized.


(I want to add forget but I guess it’s not that easy)
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Honorable suicide committed by Samurai after they have shamed themselves or are failed their masters. Samurai could be ordered to commit suicide by their lords (Daimyo)
The samurai would disembowel himself, and when the pain got to be too much to where he might shame himself, his second would decapitate him.

Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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