The Troll at the Bridge

“Pay the toll” the old bald troll told me,
“Or else suffer the consequences if you don’t”,
So lo and behold I had gold to pay his fee,
But then I asked “what happens if I won’t?”
So the old troll strolled back and forth hotly,
His nostrils flared like he was about to strike,
“You’re a bold soul for talking to me like this…
Roll on out of here or I’ll put you on a spike”.
“No I won’t go” I said “my home is this way,
I’m not paying a toll so stop harassing me”
The troll stood tall with all his meanness,
But I stood my ground scorching and angry.
“Then I’ll tear you to pieces and eat you,
I’ll take the other half home for my fridge,
I’ll feed myself for days with your remains,
But you’re not going to cross my bridge”.
“This isn’t your bridge you old mold” I said,
“The villagers built this justly and rightly,
But if you’re going lay claim to this crossing,
Then put up your dukes and fight me!”
“You don’t know the strength of a troll” he yelled,
“I don’t give a damn” I answered screaming madly,
“Then you’ll suffer a horrible painful death” he said,
But I replied “Not before I kick your ass so gladly”.
Then I remembered all the rum I drunk,
I’m a little guy and he’s as big as a tree trunk,
And what was in the tobacco pipe I smoked?
I felt invincible but look what I provoked.
Just then my special stash fell out of my back pocket,
He stopped dead cold in his tracks trying to comprehend,
We looked at each other and without a word being said...
The troll and I smoked a whole bowl and became friends.
The End.
Written by wallyroo92
Published | Edited 11th Apr 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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