heroes: beyond the cape

let’s talk a little about heroes
and their humanity
their fallibility
the inner workings going on  
behind the scenes
habits & behaviors
and dare I even say it
see, this is the thing about me
my heroes have dents in their armor
no halos
that shit is reserved for angels
(and I’m not even sure about them…)
no, my heroes have a few quirks
they’re still human
but trust me…it all still works
being real for just a moment
we all know who mine is
I’m daddy’s little girl
through & through
but that man…whew!
he had a bad habit or two
honest example…
we’d all be chillin’
and he’d get a certain look in his eye
start growing that crooked smile
and then he’d lean forward
his weight propped up on one arm
lifting himself into “prep mode”
what we fearfully came to call
the “one cheek sneak”
and damn…
but that man could clear a room
his howls of laughter always followed
as we all scrambled & ran
if we were lucky, sound was all that pursued
sometimes it wasn’t the case
thinking on one particular afternoon
my Roots, daddy, me & a cat
trapped in a van
travelling across Mackinaw Bridge
(the reason for that’s another whole story
don’t ask)
ya know, there’s not much give
right there in the middle
if you’ve gotta suddenly pull off
but we did
3 of us & that stunned feline
piling out to stand outside  
kitty saucer-eyed
as we humans fanned wildly
daddy cackled madly from within
I mean, damn…
but it never dimmed my admiration
nor tarnished my love & respect
he was who he was
and despite the stench
he was the absolute best!
10 of 30 NAPO Challenge
Written by FromTheAsh
Author's Note
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