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Harbor Of Lust

here i stand on the bed
perched in dominion over your body
vertical to your horizon
looking down at looking up at me
writhing between your naughty thoughts
anticipating what's to come and
your famished cunt soaking in the moment...

you follow my lead through
the steady movement of my hands
stroking methodically up and down my shaft
trapping blood...slapping the tip
taking mental notes on how i handle myself

a lustful grin graces your face
obsession constricts like a serpent in your gut
your clit bulges with curiosity
hips squirm... spinal column slithers
induced from your worm's eye view of my sac
dangling seeds of tomorrow like bait
trolling your taste buds

you bask underneath my musk
throbbing as i throb
so close yet so damned far away
gazing with devout intensity
as i speed up my jerking turbulence
one hand oppressive...clamped down at the base
the other abusive...beating away
conjuring grunts and incoherent chants
from the back of my throat

you've never seen this side of me
exuding freedom and passion from this elevated angle
the sight of me pleasuring myself
is turning you the fuck on
you got a front row seat of
sheer masculine energy and imagery
hovering in caramel nakedness...mind fucking you
with future flashbacks of this moment

your mouth is open..full of want
your heart is open with wild abandon...down for whatever
your legs stay open...hoping for an encore of
my fervent pumping action
you speak...filling the air with wantonness as pressure
builds and builds in my loins

 ''give it to me baby''

on cue my body responds
jack-hammering to the sultry tone of your voice
lurching back and forth in spontaneity
you see cozmik sex rocking spasms down my spine
my tip swells in painful ecstasy
as it spits up all the promises
you've been craving from the pit of me
since day one

you squeeze your tits together
clench your nipples...tight...stretch out your tongue
getting ready for your catch of the day as
my cum reigns down like warm strands of melted wax
dropping sticky against your cheekbones
dripping slowly down your cleavage
gifting you a spotted pearl necklace as your
bondage to me

you smile as you smear my
sinful blessings across your busty mounds...
caressing your perked nipples
reveling in the divine messiness of it all
you gloss it over your lips...
inhaling its aroma through your feral creature
locking in the scent of my DNA
you feel its texture heavily laced in
my deep desire for you

you stare back at me...hard
matching my desire...carnivorous
seductively fingering your and out...
dragging my sea-men across your tongue
tasting my vulgarity in the raw
you want me to watch as you savor
everything i worked up from the depths of me
swallowed down the depths of you
forever treasured in the siren's safekeep
wailing beneath your bosom
Written by Naajir
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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