Polygraphic Penmanship  

he wondered..      
was it more a mental or  
an emotional thing?..      
what was the percentage of influence  
from either field of movement?    
what was the determinate catalyst      
that moved her reasoning..shifted paradigms for her?      
how could she effortlessly reconcile      
obsession faith and sex...      
and create her own self styled religion..      
her own belief system?..      
''so what'' she said      
it seemed careless at the time she uttered it      
but to underestimate her level of consciousness      
within these endeavors of intimacy      
interwoven with prejudice and trauma      
would have been a grave mistake..      
[emphasize the word grave]      
it must've been her inner-clarity      
that spoke the theater of her soul      
with the rarity of a diamond roughed from      
the sands of anonymous would be courtiers...      
former looters of her precious booty...      
posed as perfect suiters..      
perhaps she knew      
the truth of them before he did      
she was always his zealot-lover poised      
at the zenith of a mountainous landscape      
where all else existed beneath their concerns      
waiting for him to reach symbiotic heights..      
in his own time of course..      
he was once the jack of many trades      
but he would master only her in the end      
serving as the prime location for his vocation      
through levels of expressionism and acceptance      
through appreciation and respect      
reciprocity and redemption...      
in 360 degrees she would share      
her sexuality..her sensuality..and her spirituality      
dare textures of her darkness with him      
drink the shadows of his throbbing mysteries      
swallow all of his bitter sweetness      
as testimonial proof of her prized fidelity      
she gave it up...gave him her all      
answered the call of her wild      
each and every time his wolf would howl      
cuz she knew of things before he did      
that's why it was so easy for her to spread eagle      
for his eagerness and let him play      
his own brand of 'catch up'      
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 10th Apr 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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