Childhood Treasures

In a play pit
there is a great hubbub
and ado
where only Tonka toys
are rough and tough enough
for digging buried treasure
seeing what lies forgotten
swallowed by the sand
lost to time and memory;
Encrusted Furbies
sit as slanted sentinels
their unblinking eyes looking east,
varied in colours and styles
their large impassive heads
stare on, their bodies submerged,
of what wonders
could those beaks speak?
Forsaken army men
stand in serried ranks
awaiting the call back to battle
with every weapon
a budding commander will need,
they will stand the test of time
for theirs is the long war.
Embedded near the very base
lie the Tamagotchis
they slumber still
entombed into eternity
until excavation disturbs them
when hands grasp their casing
shaking up their sleep.
Elsewhere Pokémon cards
peek out from the sand
they provide pictures
of a past artistic style,
grit and dust making them incomplete
little more than mosaics now.
Crazy bones litter the scene
always found in groups
but frustratingly always incomplete sets
these collected remnants
a poor disjointed insight
into their previous owner,
their importance only surmised
though their use is intuitive.
The most amazing and lucky digs
uncover Lego minifigures
buried with all their accessories
and assorted paraphernalia
clearly showing their identity
too often the prized possessions
are just out of reach
yet always with them.
Stuck in the dunes
with worn wheels
Matchbox vehicles sit idle
archaic conveyances
but still capable of movement.
Hidden in plain sight
the Transformers await
only those cunning and clever enough,
to open them up
to discover the secrets hidden inside
while the majority
merely peruse the outside
and admire
the technological marvels of the past
with a faint idea of their purpose
while the relentless researcher
works to discover
more than meets the eye.
Written by Viddax (Lord Viddax)
Author's Note
Entry number 7 for the NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition using the connected days prompt.
See if you can figure out what each toy is a metaphor for; Heads up, the Furbies are a bit of an Easter egg!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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