devils mistress

iím left alone just sitting there  
with this heavy burden that i bare  
in an old creaky rocking chair  
lost in thoughts of crippling despair  
i swear i hear a moan at the top of stairs  
i get up to check but nobody was there  
frozen in my tracks i hear the voice and it says  
youíre a loser  
youíre a loner  
youíre a weirdo  
youíre a freak
success isnít an option  
your futures looking bleak  
just listen to me and iíll give you what you seek  
i now awake up from a very deep sleep  
i assume what happened was just a lucid dream  
my heart is pounding out my chest  
and i pissed right through my sheets  
for the next week im unable to rest  
bags under my eyes iím in visible distress  
then i take a deep breath and cry  
then i hear a voice that says everything will be fine  
i ask who said that  
it replies saying sheís the devils mistress  
i let out a scream and say  
why are you here  
what do you want from me  
you wiped my tears  
that were streaming down my cheek  
she says  
iím here to give you what you seek  
a companion to counter all your grief  
you carry this heavy burden all alone  
with nobody that loves you  
or a place to call home  
you have no purpose  
you have no motivation  
your life on this earth would be a tormented duration  
iím going to cordially invite you  
to leave your life of solitude  
for if you choose i can make you anew  
but all you have to do....  
is give your heart to me &
get lost in the darkness  
tonight when the clock strikes 3
listen to every word i say because this is your fee
after you do as i say close your eyes then tell me what you see  
i ask what iím supposed to do  
she says just wait until itís time, i bid you adieu
i begin to tremble when the clock strikes 3  
my skin begins to crawl i lose control of my feet  
i go outside & run down the street  
i let out a scream  
where is she taking me  
she begins speaking in a different tongue  
her words start filling my head  
i feel like iím being flung  
her words start making sense  
it will end where it all began  
youíll present me the the heart of the one who broke yours  
youíll be set free but youíll belong to me  
hurry move along and finish the deed  
i abide by all of her wishes  
i rip my former lovers heart right out of her  chest  
now she will forever rest i guess itís for the best
this put my love up to test but i digress  
time to present this heart still beating in hand  
she appears out of thin air  
her maniacal laughter is more than i can bare  
she takes the heart and devours it whole  
her eyes glowing red her touch ice cold  
she slices open my chest & rips apart my heart
kisses me on the lips and i feel utter bliss  
i shut my eyes and i begin to drift  
into hell trapped under her spell  
forever, whatever.  
Written by cpizzi (Christian P)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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