Random Encounter?

  Bill Ashen was a pleasent man. He was a plump fellow with a knack for bringing a smile to the face of anyone he knew. Slightly over weight, though truth be told he couldn't care less about it. His wife however, was another story. She was a sickly thin woman whom nagged poor old Bill to the bone. But Bill was a pleasent man and as such agreed to walk around the block everynight before bed to appease Brenda and keep his weight under control.

  On one such night, just after watching his favorite hockey team lose their third consecutive game. Old Bill decided to keep walking. He kept walkng past where he normaly would turn left and head down Drury Avenue across from the rundown conveniance store. He kept a brisk pace lost in thought none the wiser that on this night, this cold winter night would be his last walk ever.

   The cold steel shined in the palm of the strangers hand. An old gun, and one that carried with it many souls. You see it was present on the beaches of Normandy. From there the front lines of Germany and so on and so forth. It had seen many battles and exchanged hands just as often. Though it took the lives of many men there was only one life it was truly ment to end.

   Well maintained the stranger noted. Glancing over the pistol with such awe. Happy he got his hands on it after he burgled some rat hole of a storage unit. There it was tucked away in the remnants of some others things. What the stranger failed to know was that it was the gun that was lucky to be found. You see it was built for death and death must be dealt. Of what and why it seeked Bill out is yet to be understood.


   The stranger walked, gun tucked away under his frayed belt. Up and down the street scoping out good targets for his bad deeds. He was a pleasently surprised when he seen old Bill with his plump stature hobbling down the laneway. Ripe for the picking he thought to himself. A fat old man and the cover of bushes on oneside to boot.

     He rushed poor Bill and with the pistol drawn asked him to hand over his watch, wallet and any other belongings of worth. Now Bill reached in his coat pockets and abided the stranger. Being the pleasant man he was he thought it better to just comply and that it would be over. But fate it seems had other plans and the pistol went off sending a bullet into Bill's chest killing him instantly.

Written by Thedeadinme
Author's Note
Been awhile since I have written any short stories let alone share them.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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