Barbie Playhouse

Iíve trapped myself in a Barbie playhouse world  
Looking up at sky of cloudy plastic whirls  
Waiting for someone to turn on the light  
While I get lost in this Barbie playhouse night  

Plastic skin that will not yield  
With plastic drugs that donít make me feel  
My soul as empty as this plastic shell  
Iíve created for my own Barbie playhouse hell  

Doll me up with Made-In-China clothes  
All the fashion doesnít dim my woes  
Jump in drive a car on plastic fuel  
In a world where physics doesnít rule  

And thereís a man, with plastic features  
Followed around by Barbie plastic creatures  
Mannequin girls, with a Hollywood complex  
Strutting around with anatomically incorrect necks  
Looking like weíve all been stretched on a rack  
The epitome of beauty, with souls of black  

Proportionally wrong in every way  
Chasing a plastic man so obviously gay  
Because how can Ken ever give a thrill?  
When in the design his manhood they killed  

A kiddies dream to live like Barbie  
Iíd have more fun if I snorted wasabi  
At least then Iíd now I was alive  
As opposed to a plastic soul that can never die  

ĎCause I donít want to live forever  
When the idea of freedom reaches never  
Consumer driven, I canít get enough  
Yet these clothes, this car, arenít a substitute for love  

I try to find the familiar eyes of my clan  
But in truth, I find them to be so bland  
When I look in their faces I see myself  
And in the playhouse hell, theyíll be no help  

Scale the walls of this plastic house  
Creep around, quieter than a mouse  
And once Iíve reached my plastic roof  
I find no escape, and I have the proof  

Lying before me thereís a plastic city  
With mannequin girls thinking theyíre so pretty  
Partying it up on plastic wine  
With tits so plastic, it should be a crime  

So I stare out at plastic city lights  
Wondering if I should pick a plastic fight  
Tear some Barbie mannequin limb from limb  
From one plastic mannequin to another, itís a dire sin  

I donít want to be just another girl with a dream house body  
And for my thoughts I am not sorry  
There is nothing worse than plastic people  
Spreading plastic love, when itís really evil  

So if there is a Barbie God, I say make is stop  
I donít want to be the Barbie at the top  
I just want some anatomical correctness  
When from this plastic-ness Iíve defected  

I want a body that belongs to me alone  
And I want to feel something when I get stoned  
ĎCause there is no such thing as a plastic hit  
No cigarette that can ever be lit  

But plastic burns, and I realise  
I can end this world and watch it all fry  
Iíll bring this mannequin world to its knees  
Teach these Barbie idiots that they can bleed  

Because I wonít live in a Barbie playhouse world  
As I look up at a sky of darkening smoky curls  

© Indie Adams 2011
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 27th Nov 2011
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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