Cursed Dream

She told me to give her my soul and I’d indulge
In all the pleasures I could ever fathom
So I surrendered all will and control
Then she pushed me into the chasm…

In the catacombs of writhing naked bodies
Taut yet decrepit by time and misery
The stench of lust and decay aroused us
Merged with a rapture that was new to me

Maledictus, the faceless voices whispered
Echoing through the caverns of my mind
Maledictus, they repeated over and over again
Sending shivers up and down my spine

And the sounds of anguish, wails and moans
I could not distinguish from bliss or agony
The harmony of hissing kissing rotting flesh
Filled my senses with sour, bitter fervency

I trembled with terror and excitement
Just like the others who surrounded me
Shaking in delight and fright in a trance
As they danced a ritual of perpetual ecstasy

(Maledictus) I felt my insides set on fire
By an unknown sensation that caused a stir
As my fading and dreadful desire seemed to be
Invoking emotions when I spotted her

She was in a tattered crimson corset full of maggots
As I could feel a strange but familiar passion pulse
Then the unhallowed orgy around me unraveled
(Maledictus) She beckoned me to act on impulse

I walked toward her immediately without delay
Obedient to her call like a subservient slave
Expectant of the love she would bestow on me
Or the wrath of a goddess in her temple cave

Her touch felt as cold as ice and burning needles
Her eyes gazed into my spirit like a plague or flood
As she gave me a wicked smile, fangs and all
“Servus, meus es tu” she spurted out with blood

I kissed and drank from her lips and sores
Her tongue slithered down my throat
Her long sharp incisors dug deep into me
Clawing with precise incisions as I choked

I felt the sweet syrupy metallic taste
Her delectable hemorrhage in my tongue
I found it suffocating and intoxicating
As if breathing life into my infested lungs

Our lips parted like quivering ulcers
And she caressed me with arachnid fingers
Implanting herself in my memory
That the crawling on my skin still lingers

In the midst of the wicked debauchery
She seemed to take contentment in it all
As her parasites devoured one another
Like beasts feasting maniacally at a ball

(Maledictus) I felt a tingle and fell to my knees
And she looked down at me with wide eyes
Protruding then sliding out from their sockets
As all her beauty came to an abrupt demise

She kept her composure but cold demeanor
And all she did was give me a sinister smile
But I was the one who felt like a derelict
As the worms now spewed from her vile

She walked away in that tattered crimson corset
As I watched wither through the veil of my sty
She submerged herself into a pool of black tar
Without another word or saying goodbye
Written by wallyroo92
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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