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Orgasmic Aroma

Craving your bum, it's round cheeks soft but firm a delicate combination, turned on by a single sight maybe we can have some fun and evening of delight

I walk into the kitchen and see you standing by the work top, leaning over texting on your phone, your bum there in all its glory, I walk over, i kiss the back of your neck then along your shoulder

I see you eyes roll, head tilts back as you relax your body, my lips seducing you with every kiss, you hand brushes through my hair and over my head as your lips passionately connect with mine

Your hand slide down my waist lifting at my shirt and off it came, you began to kiss down my neck biting as you continued down my chest, you dug you nails in as your mouth marked my skin driving me insane, turning me on through the roof (so to speak)

I unbutton your skinny black jeans and got down on my knees as I slipped them down your tender thighs stopping just above your knee' s, you stared down at me as my lips grazed your inner thigh working my way up to your silk black lace panties beautifully knitted in floral design

You took a long deep gasp of breath as my lips pressed against your lace pants, skimming up your plump lips your hand grasps my head as you embrace the pleasure coursing through your body

I slide your jeans over your knee's, down your shin, as i slip them off of your feet, I stand up holding you close your lips once more connect to mine as our heat intensify s

Your hands begins to unbuckle my belt, then down goes my zip as my trousers drop to the floor, I step out of them. My hand now firmly cupping your bum, I lift you up placing you on the counter your legs wrap around my waist pulling me close, I kiss your neck whilst unclipping your bra and slipping it off, your nipples erect as we continue to kiss, tongues tangle, your hand slips down my boxers caressing my cock, gently stroking me

Slowly your hand teases my hard on, toying with it, I pull you close holding you tight to my body and walk to our bedroom where I lightly lay you in the sheets, as i kneel on the bed kissing your neck, you slip off your pants, I lightly rub the tip of my cock on your vagina before slowly inserting my tip as I invade your tender canal our lips continue to connect

Gentle thrust get more frequent as our bodies collide in a sexual bliss, all of you and all of me connecting as one, lavishing in the orgasmic aroma our bodies are creating until BANG the orgasm erupts shooting hot plasma like cum into our atmosphere, calming our ever evolving storm.
Written by Danny11714 (Danny117)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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