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Hearts Not Red

Place your eye here,  
Upon this board  
Where I have sawed necks of cheese  
And strangled chamomile leaves  
Into an evening repast  
Come, sit  

Nostrils flare,  
Close fisted around the scent  
Of baking breads and the powders  
Which drag a haphazard trail  
Across the tiles are  
Smeared with overlarge footsteps  
A cloud still hanging  
In the air  
Low to ground  
As if by some recent passage  

Moans of some fresh transition  
Carry from the nave  
Across a still stretch of vacant  
Pews, smoothed by many  
Sweeping motions and †
Applications of  
Sunlight seeping through the  
Overhead cracks and  
Carving rivers in the overall  
Lending presage to the whole  

Butterflies perceive exothermic whirlpools within the stamen  
Bat cries shudder and hurtle their refracted report  
Against mottled moth wings  
Which project an electromagnetic shadow  
And each, sensing the hunger of the other  
Spirals toward the earth  
And here are we, in sensory bereft  

Thumb and forefinger twirl,  
Saturated in a layer of saltwater  
Adipose, pinch the hairs of my chinny  
Chin chin  
Sunburnt into tatter grays  
Stare long  
Into whalebone whites  
Digits twirl absent circuits  
A skipping record needle  

No crisp fortune folded in vanilla  
Sucrose, no satisfying snap  
And jaw crumble, but scratch and  
Yowl in circuits of stress and pitch  
For lack of joint and range  
That would vector sinew taut  
Limb and cacti tensile opposable  
Digits to wring the neck of formless  
Consternations, had they vim  
And muscle, had they liver and spleen  
To run colors over a field and meet me  
Hence, with my kilt lifted in an erection  
Of bawdy and combative recognition  
Blood, semen and excrement  
Upon the horns of my charge  

Neath the ground a sulfurous pool is crushed and ebbed  
Acrid breaths in chimney pipes  
Rising to certain atmospheric  
Raising temperatures  
Trapping sunlight  
Into an obsidian  

Between the granite fists is rolled  
Primal carbon  
Variable elements †
Hydrogen, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen  
Cracked and formed  
Into peat  
Is this ancient  
Fragmented, pressed and made  

Neath the press of bones a diaphanous pearl  
Has grown betwixt  
The ligaments  

I wish for her to reach  
Beyond bars, walls, or compromise  
With the lope of a wild spectre  
Drawn on longitudinal and lateral lines  
Of dire won genetics to pace  
The confines of this terror, rot and self imposition  

She gathers ninety second compositions,  
Which weigh in slowly gathered percentages  
On the digital video recorder  
Weeps for resonance with the ambitious dream  
Of some spotlight prodigy, yearning  
To quit the day job and plunge skyward  
On borrowed wings, jointed in flushed areolas  
Of wax, whose youth is a bright green  
Shoot lancing down to hover a warm breath  
Upon a woven briar cupola  

Her embrace is tumescent  
Skin repugnant  
Rough beneath lips, which  
Loveís affection prompts  
An occasional press  

Magnesium foil flashes between the  
Sphinx paws  
Sand blunts his lost  
Expression and  
Channels whisper  
Covering many circuitous  
Between ventricles  

Onward, the day cycles  
In chrome rattles of pneumonia  
Electrochemical payments accepted, bleat  
Their tepid nocturne  
When owed, boxes checked sulk  
With caldera dark soot and sunken  
Brow, once given to bellicose fumarole, now  
A utilidor hovel of musk and clay  
A bed for chewed advertisements  
And wintering rats  

Boxes unchecked lean inward upon a pillory woven  
Of unseated ribs which made wings for the victorious  
Mockery of someone with the foresight to hammer  
A nail into the toe of their boot  

Boxes unchecked look askance in void starvation  
With dopamine saturated pupil  

Nannering petitions unsubscribed are peevish  
In their thorough route  
Redacted to some abyssal  
Fold where repeated theft has  
Rendered the mad  
Bereft of fists and tongue  
Clucking mute and impotent and forgotten  

Formalities queue in ranks of address and files  
Of contact information  
Questions unanswered  
Becoming unquestioned  
Bent lines with their curious  
Curvatures and inherent interests, stale  
And mold, in lack reciprocal humidity  
Dribbling outward in jots and putters, which  
Still and congeal  

It drabs  
It mundanes  
It sputters and shifts about on  
Frayed bones  

Hearts of yellow, blue, green, gold  
Hearts neither seen nor heard  
Hearts not red  

Gazes rise in cumulative heat  
Upon crossing  
Shoulder pinions rotate  
Upon their hinges  
Nostrils heft a door knocker  
Shadow mouths disgorge †

Digit grease obscures the rogues galleries that,  
Slide in circuits beneath screen glass  
I must pause occasionally to wipe and alleviate  
My boredom  
A caption obscures a name  
Oblivious of branched nuance that carries  
Whomever you are  
To here,  
To glide neath my precise scrutiny  
Some innate draconian recognition  
Instantaneous in an assemblage of geometric  

A pleasing tone of ivory, an eastern dusk  
An oval eye which frames a centered  
Nose, whose nostrils flare in unnaturally  
Caught breath  

The facile promise of some life behind this  
Pixelated ink portcullis  
The promise of a soft pistoned momentum  
Beyond the mechanical iron maw  

The boilerplate greet,  
Fist crisp to pate  
Eyes at the vanguard  
Focused, unfocused  
Flexing, releasing their grip  
Upon the spear tip  

The circling, scenting glands positioned just above the anus  
For genus recognition  
The sanded wood board between us  
Some broken dreamer carries a plate from  
The unknown bowels  
Back stage  
We sup and sift through the surfaces  
Of each otherís pressed  
Cloth, washed and perfumed  
Purring inwardly at ourselves  

I order virility and confidence  
But am served lumbago, with a side of sciatica  
She has the seaweed salad, femurs picked  
By vultures dropped neatly into her lap, wondering  
If Iíll part them or steal a peck on her cheek  
And smudge the rouge  

Through the erratic pulse of colored  
Light and static bursts of rhythmic  
Sound, sweat gleams upon the  
Globe of alluring animal gyration  

I pass a cloth paper  
Her black beaded eyes  


Hearts Not Red  
Daniel Christensen
Written by DanielChristensen (The Fire Elemental)
Published | Edited 13th Jun 2019
Author's Note
Copyright © 2019 by Daniel Christensen

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Dedication of this write to my friend Haley. You get me thinking outside the box. Thank you for your warmth and positivity.

My inspiration was mostly frustration with various things, the ways we relate to one another, superficially, sexually, but often without depth of meaning, how little we can do for others we care about who suffer in fear and apathy.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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