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i saw you first  
as antiquated magic afflicted  
by the tainted music of men  
hips swaying along stringed theories  
cradling a melodic vagina-grail  
awaiting her maestro's spiritual signature  
sacred human amplifier of our species  
i studied your moon cycle up close and personal  
heard your dark whispers amongst  
the dire wolves howling beyond the mountains  
and suddenly i remembered a  
story God once told  
me while i was burning a  
bush with Moses  
i felt you in oceanic octaves  
you spread wide for the ritual conclaves    
i've been {g}hosting within  
your halls for quite some time now  
first contact...tongue to clitoris acquaintance  
i broke down the tale of your genesis  
with a double helix hypothesis  
tasting the molecular composition of your cum juice  
i french kissed your mouth  
with akashic memoirs..then throated you  
tucking fingers knuckle deep  
as above and so below symbolic waist beads  
rearranging your breathing pattern  
through tantric trauma  
glazing your eyes in revelations  
as i remember a story Lilith had shared  
with me after a threesome  
with Eve  
i heard your heart  
drumbeating fabled his-story  
thundering down your papyrus walls  
stretched emotionally..  
tethering orgasms..  
shredding senses one through six  
as a pulsing portal assuaged a throbbing skeleton key  
we fucked for dear life and for heaven's sake  
i rode the spectrum of your soul in panoramic fashion  
i saw you glowing in the night  
a beautiful wild mare  
accepting all the repercussions  
i knew excavations were never easy with  
these anthropological fuck fests  
this procession of possessions was quintessential  
as i recalled Thoth speaking a secret of  
this Uni-verse looking solemn while he was  
being mummified  
i learned you were the pot  
wayward alchemists took to stir their experiments  
the warlocks came one by one  
holding vendettas in their war-cocks  
shackling you to embedded rock  
of the pleasure dome while  
inflicting a sadist's hurt upon your heart  
like a fem-Prometheus..confident you'd regenerate  
over and over to feed their degenerate desires  
i came deep inside you  
not as hero but as husband and healer  
ejaculating emissaries as the antithesis of  
pestilence famine death and war  
staring you eye to eye  
sharing with you this one thing Enoch said  
before he left the land of Nod  
to be with God changer...  
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 11th Mar 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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