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did you feel my wrath when it came?
a thousand spiders crawling in your spinal fluid  
making you insane for a time  
then like a fever it broke  
as the sun rose and smiled at me  
and yes I saw your blue-eyed ocean in the face of man  
I wanted to steal, kill, and destroy  
who would be there to fuck me if not you?  
who would be there to watch on in jealous rage if not you?  
I would war broken and alone if not for you  
throwing my fine bone china at the walls of an empty house  
and when I cut my feet and bled...screaming at the stars  
who would carry me to bed...bind my wounds  
and fuck me when it was done?  
in parables, you entered my sacred halls with all your unholy rage  
but didn't I always want to be your whore  
your open door to this dimension?  
I am woman, I am perversion...the holy grail you worship  
the temple torn down...empty space with no name  
the black hole only your cock fits  
frenetic, kinetic, connected, protected energy  
bloody, cum soaked, messy, your cunt  
I am nuclear, biohazard, fire, lethal    
I am the hole you seek when it hurts too much  
when you ache with guilt for the pain you've wrought  
your port in the storm...the portal you enter  
you push in me balls deep commingling with the soul of me  
I take all of you...the rage...the glory...the pain  
destroy it within spasms of isms    
taking it internally...deep inside my womb  
and give birth to ideology you can live with  
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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