Diva Interview

Diva Interview  
     The Diva and reporter stand in the singer’s bedroom. “Why did you get into a relationship with your producer? Contract bait?”
     “There may have been some of that element”
     “Your music appeals to bisexual women. Is that a deliberate intention on your part? Or did it reflect your own sexuality?”
     “Well, it was marketable. I won’t say whether I am attracted to women or not.”
     “If you are capitalizing on lesbianism is that ethical if you are not oriented that way?”
     “I think most lesbians are into straight women who pander to Sapphic love.”
     “Are you saying you are hetero?”
     “I’ll leave that for you to assume.”
     “Do you ever fantasize about women?”
     “I appreciate the beauty of women.”
     “We’re making headway. Do you ever use magazines or videos while as you say, enjoying the aesthetics of the female form?”
     “I didn’t say I got pleasure from naked women.
They are art. You’re putting words in my mouth.”
     “Well, you aren’t closing our encounter. I think maybe you are fibbing and that you really get off on nude females. In fact, I think you are even getting aroused by our conversation.”
     “You are taking liberties with me. If I didn’t know better I’d think you want to get the ultimate article on me.”
     “Just think of the publicity you could get from sharing all your secrets. It isn’t uncommon for celebrities to tell all. Cluing me in on your naughty escapades is a sure-fire boost for your music career.”
     “Not saying I am, but just think of the stigma if I said I got hot from women.”
     “In this day and age, female bisexuality or even lesbianism, are hip. You’d be the coolest Diva this side of Hollywood. So let me be the first to break the news. I promise you a flattering exposé.”
     “Just tell me what you want to know.”
     “What kinds of fashion accessories turn you on? Maybe you like to fondle your friend’s lingerie while she isn’t looking?”
     “I subscribe to some lingerie catalogs.”
     “You receive more than one mail order eye candy magazine. Do you have a fetish for models in panties or bras?”
     “The female derriere is one of the seven wonders of the world.”
     “Is that up there with the pyramids of Egypt?”
     “Oh, it is way prettier than them. Sculpted in marble, the statuesque beauty of a woman’s bottom is as pretty today as it was millennia ago.”
     “What about Apollo carved in stone? Does his brawn get you there?”
     “I love men, don’t get me wrong. But no, a woman’s figure fills my prescription.”
     “Then you must have experimented along the way?”
     “Oh, really my life is so tame.”
     “Then we can make this up as we go along. We can really spice this feature item up with some adventures in the yellow press.”
     “We’ll have to do something if you want a tabloid write up on me.”
     “That sounds like an invitation.”
     “Not everyone gets a backstage pass at my concerts. Seeing as you are the media it stands to reason that you should get access. God, you got me to bare myself figuratively and now we’re going for literally.”
     “Would you like me to leave?”
     “A rock star has a different reputation to maintain than a politician. Getting caught with our pants down is favorable for us.”
     The interviewer throws the diva into bed. She lies on top of her showering her with kisses. The diva says, “I guess you got your answer. This is what they call hard-hitting journalism.”  
Written by goldenmyst
Published | Edited 6th Mar 2019
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