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the divinity in me is hidden  
in the hiccups of the universe  
silently altering according to anticlimax    
and hazy mood swings of a Goddess  
she is in her final evolution of understanding  
ready to rule internally    
within the quasar pulses of blue thought  
my mortal coil wrapped tightly around me  
blocks out the sights of the powers who oversee  
I don't trust their judgement  
this is why I prepared my exit previously  
menstrual blood of the watchtowers
flows freely into the river Jordan  
apostles and prophets of days past  
kept covered the knowledge  
they raised themselves as deities  
to a humble peoples  
woven throughout are the sacred texts of eternity  
the void had a face in formless state  
and without a mouth it whispered into being wisdom  
dreams within dreams...time passed
ushered in a new days dawning  
the evolution of entities    
brought forth still in their infancy  
born again to the Earth after harvesting  
to continue at university of adversity    
within the last revolution of time  
there will be an uprising  
enlightened monks of the New World Order  
will ultimately divide the scripture of thought  
and war again will be raged    
the Goddess will not allow the fleecing of the innocent  
the pendulum of change was set into motion    
on the day of the last millennia    
she is in control of the temporal shifts occurring  
with seismic control and power over all that is natural  
she will welcome in the day she first dreamt of in her gentility    
the idea of a master race of beings  
is an affront to her sensibilities    
alien creations have no real clue to their place of origin  
when she is ready all will be revealed  
she is planting in the field and harvesting the crops  
the celestial gardens are her nirvana  
you will seek my face tonight in the heavens  
you shall not find me  
so you may know of my power  
I shall tell you a secret    
my source comes from all that is natural  
look to the carbon based life forms  
if you wish to reach me  
before I usher in Armageddon  
for the upper echelons    
who seek to hinder divine providence  
so shall it be said and so shall it be known  
as it is above so is it also below  
Written by smackdownraven
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