Image for the poem there’s no simulacrum for this..

there’s no simulacrum for this..

mirrored coupling - musing each other’s infrared nature while                
mosaically tuck quietly in Cassiopeia constellation, ascending                
this is for yew ein iye                
my panic dissolves.. for words are secondary here,                
like puréed mist and wind on tongues, amrita drips from my                
               i      c                
subjectively becoming an ouroboros with your being,    
letting  you know that i'm sorry for those who has left you    
wounded, for those who left your emotions in perpetual    
states of torrential mortality ...    
honesty comes in    
soft octaves of submission engaging completely til the final                
line of a poem has passed my lips                
the enzymes of our love knows distance nor time                
 - never failing to lead us.. to us-  
on earth we’re unctioned in borrowed hues ..                
with bodies of paper-mache epidermis complexed enough for                
the Universe to pour itself through                
residing in  tandem just - two point five degrees  of you-              
openly coming apart,              
to reassure that you'll always have the key to the other side              
               of my flesh                
where your (heart)/s a pulsing phallus traversing,                      
                passionately hyphenating the hymen of my soul    
channelling a bridge for many more delicate entries                
elementally, assuaged in myriad realms simultaneously;      
this unquestionable movement      
is pure sensual  response,               see how i unfold for you ...         
alike the Soul nebulae do for her Heart nebula        
Written by HowlingWhelms (Noire)
Published | Edited 6th Mar 2019
Author's Note
ℇ𝓷𝒕𝓇𝑦 𝒉𝑜𝑢𝓇 ³:³⁹ “a God lives in my Amygdala” inspired

ℇ𝓷𝒕𝓇𝑦 𝒉𝑜𝑢𝓇 ³:³⁹ “a God lives in my Amygdala” inspired

....The Heart and Soul Nebulas(embryo neb.),
which are hidden within essential dusts, energies and winds forces which always birth new stars.. persistent level
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