In the Eye of a Raven

In the Eye of a Raven    
     I float high above a sparkling red quartz canyon. A rushing river gushes over rocks below me with white foam. The river forms a silver thread tying the land together. With my raven black feathers outstretched, I catch the thermals and rise into the deep blue sky. As I drift higher and higher the land stretches out below me, a maze of gaping brown and red canyons with jagged black obsidian mountains stretching towards the heavens on the horizon ahead. I dive, plunging deep into the canyon, feeling the rushing wind in my fluttering feathers and settle in a grotto where a tiny silver slip of waterfall cascades into a mirrored pool.  
     I gaze at my reflection in the pool. I see my sharp yellow beak, aquiline black head, and tiny yellow bird eyes. Looking up I am amazed at the sight. A tall slender woman with sapphire shining eyes, and long, black hair, full of curls, stares at me. I scuttle to her and she reaches out caressing my silky head with her fingertips. She mutters words in a language from before time which I do not understand. Slowly I grow taller. Where wings once were, sprout arms and hands. Where once were talons feet and toes sprout. A phallus sprouts from my fleece and thickens in the cool air.  
     The woman speaks and suddenly I understand. Looking down at the pool, I see my reflection, a human form, a woman, with raven black hair, sparkling green eyes, and sensuously curved body naked as at birth. I turn around and reach out touching the creamy soft skin of the strange woman’s cheeks. She strokes my hips and sides, embracing me and gently caressing the soft skin of my back and buttocks. Her navel spoons the tip of my plantain. Her fingers become the flint on my steel from which sparks fly and my speech is born. “Such strange sensations from your touch” are my first words. The prismatic gems of my heritage float in a liquid sunshine dream. She tells me we are all connected in the web of life. We are bird people, brothers, and sisters, of the animals, plants, and rocks.  
     She bathes in the Havasu Falls splashing in a travertine terraced pool where the turquoise oasis mystique of the people of the blue-green waters casts its spell with the tribal secrets hidden in the weave of their baskets. Her eyes skywrite dreams with her cloud robes blown away.  
     The gates to Eden reopen with her the hotelier to nature’s refuge whose flaming sword melts the chain. She opens the lushness to chants of love in the deepening green of a desert oasis. Their primal romance finds its home serenaded by her song whose notes gather like midnight stars among the swaying boughs. Suddenly flames leap out of her body consuming her and she melts leaving a glittering diamond lying on the sand. I pick up the gem and walk up the river out of the wasteland into a new world pregnant with possibilities.  
     The rush of water in the Byzantine canyon bathes me in the aquamarine on onyx and chills my soaked feet. A cool breeze it met by a mountain lion! My legs loft my body in a mad escape. The feline gapes in beastly pursuit. There is a cliff and rope for my ascension into a height haven. I carry the gem in a knot of my matted hair as the key to unlock the female energy for the rebirth of green as a forest whose leafy currency of love is sung. Our chant will circle like wolves in the night whose howls tell the story of life before clay tablets or their paper children.
Written by goldenmyst
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