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Taking Care of Your Inner Temple

Charge Nurse 2013-2016
SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit)  
Nursing Chronicles II of III  
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The temple of life, it guides you, it defines you, and it grounds you. Positive energy and a soulful lifestyle will transfer into the afterlife. † †
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As a Charge Nurse, I have seen my fair share of people when they are at their crossroads in life. Mental or a major Medical crisis have brought them into my existence. Placing their livelihood at the throne of my care. † †
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I could not stress the importance of keeping the human mind, as well as the human body in its pureness state. In reference to that statement. Love the skin you are in, take care of the skin you are in. † †
This world is plagued with so many adversities we must all face at some point in our life; silent addictions, sex addictions, enslaved to recreations drugs, or the stress of life and its related issues in general. The destroying mechanics, within oneís life, which has repercussions, mainly as you get older. † †
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A typical day for a nurse is to converse among other staff members to provide ultima care to any patient; the LPNs, and the Patients Care Assistants make up this wonderful dynamic. † † †
I am really amazed, at the young patients, whose life has been cut short, not by Father Time, but by bad decisions, or neglectful lifestyle choices. † †
† †  
Drugs, and no, I am not speaking in reference to medications prescribed by a physician. Unfortunately, I am placing emphasis on the limelight recreational drugs. From, Heroin, Crack, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, and thatís just to name a few. † † †
† †  
So many lives have been lost for that all time high. An addiction of the mind, which becomes, more of a sickness of the heart, a spirally pain, rather than an uplifting pleasure. If you have never seen a person who has overdosed on an Opiate and rushed into the ER. You are faced with a hectic environment, overworked, and underprivileged crew; all acting on impulse and adrenaline. A staff dealing at best, with no medical history, other than the presented circumstances. In the blink of an eye, patients are given one, or sometimes another injection of, Narcan just to restart their life. † †
† †  
If that is your centered demoralizing world, then you have not experienced the flip side of living life for the greater good. † †
In this society, parents who have befallen to addictive drugs, is such a sadden occurrence within their life. For such a zombie existence, without seeking some form of counseling. You make innocent children a product of the social service system, rushed into foster care, or placing some families on the path, as someone special once upon a time, stated, the village of the Invisible People. And the last time I checked, there are no color barriers or gender preferences. † †
† †  
I was compelled to write this article as a reminder how blessed and fortunate I am to be accounted for. Before I went on vacation, there was an incident that came across my path. Without violating privacy. A rather frail gentleman was admitted for Hepatitis, Cirrhosis of the Liver, and Stage Four Liver Failure. He went on to explain to me, with sadden jaundiced eyes, and a heavy heart, if he had one wish at the moment, it was for him to have taken better care of himself; no excessive drinking, or IV drug usage, and regrets he never gave his life to Christ. † †
† †  
In these perilous days and times, we all must take care of ourselves, and surround ourselves with good people. Positive people in life who have the best interest of our heart. † †
† †  
That saying does ring tree, Birds of a Feather does Flock together. Therefore, make sure you soar with someone who will take your mind higher, keep you grounded in faith, or cushion your falls; mental, emotionally, and spiritually. † †
† †  
Someone once noted, why I am not a fan of the, I will say, the arts here; in other words, why I do not have fans, moreso, a lover of self. †
I had to really think about such an unjust statement. At the time I called it an unfounded assassination of my character, forgiven, but words never forgotten. However, my response, had I got the time to address that person privately. I would have stood proudly to say, as a Charge Nurse. † †
† †  
My fans are the universe, without color barriers, or the inequality of man and woman. If I had one chance to convey the meaning to be someone elseís fan, I would have to say; I am your fan, when Iím up on a transporting gurney; Iím pumping your chest with compressions, while you are being rolled into the ER triage, placing a resuscitating bag over your mouth to continue the breath of life. I am your fan when you are bloody, and Universal Precautions has no time to matter. I am your fan when I am holding your hand; when you are struggling to breathe, your life knocking on deathís door. I am your fan when Iím holding onto a bent knee when life is pushing through into existence; cheering on your moment in time. I am your fan with comforting hands and silent tears quoting Psalm 23 over still waters, when a cherished life has quietly slipped away. I am your loudest cheering fan, patting you on the back after witnessing you take first steps with a prosthetic leg(s) due to diabetes or some form of disease. I am your sadden fan when flowing beautiful hair has fallen out your scalp; reminding you that you are still beautiful within, and to keep fighting. I am your sympathetic fan when Iím unwrapping, cleaning, and then rewrapping ulcerative wounds. I am a fan, of self. The comments signed once I get home after a day of being in nurse mode for eight hours, sometimes twelve, and after I sit down and sigh. † †  
† †  
As divinity appreciation, and its beautiful powers that be, whispers in my ear, job well done, thatís all the accolades as a fan I will ever need in this lifetime. † †
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
She who know life flows, feels no wear or tear, Needs no mending or repair

Gautama Budda
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