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Seduction of Divinity

Green pasture as thy comfort the French Creole Angelís sceptre of me  
As you can feel, touch, see  
And will come to believe  
Spiritual enlighten from the depth of my Melanin context your soul shall receive  
Angel wings of seduction  
The creed of earthly introduction  
Earthbound divinity of perfection  
The laws of an unbalanced life always follows rejection  
In my arms your earthly protection  

This is the story of my relegation  
Leaps and Bounds to earth to research the sinful flesh behind such wicked dedications  
Wings to human a sensual transformation  
Stranded never forsaken  
Please do not twist my mission or get it mistaken  
Here to earthly awaken  
Earthbound divinity to covet aspirations
Your silent affirmations  
Respecting your private self-meditations  
Administering a dose of erotic medication for animalistic stimulations  

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down  
Clear sweeten elixir, swallowed from my sugary crown  
Warmth with a touch of bodily supplications  
Whispered words of participation  
A wish list of specifications  
Overseeing the vast male population  
Ladies, youíre on your own  
You will have to seek your own kingdom come  
As you roam this jungle of life to find your King Kong  
May the root of your ecstasy echo as an unified song  

Buddha engraved domination of Compassion  
Yes, while our bodies are in harmony as weíre thrashing  
Worshipped words of love as pleasure foretold of its rehashing  
Never mistake me as an earthly being to be what you want  
Truthfully, whatís the point  
My fervent words will continue to flow  
Iím not your average Angel as this you may come to know  
As you cum unto me, the essence of life steadily flows  

I spread my winds to combat the lonely beings who longs to be free  
This is life, you want a soulful intervention, taste of sweet interactions, then gently kneel and pay homage to me as you please  
I will fulfill youíre fantasies, grant your every need, wishes within the celestial powers to be  
Do I love to mesmerize with carnal imagery, pleasure of coated words
Is a Red Cardinal a beautiful soaring bird  
Lyrics of emotional sentiments are always a grand illusion of the mind  
The harmony of heartbeats, escalates in rapture, as if sipping on a glass of fine wine  
Iím in your bed, in your head, you coming again, from what I just said  

Jezebel, sorry, not this story to try and sell, an Angel stands, as water is received from a wishing well  
Aberrant and clandestine affairs of the mind, theatrical plays of the body, whoever really tells  
Your concept as such, as they say, the devil is always in the wicked details  
Thank God, yes, my Heavenly Creator, has protected my existence to keep me from sinkage to hell  
As one must say, Iíll leave the grand tales to the snakes who commit to falsehood with lies  
Never can tell you the real reasons behind their fabricated whys  
Disappearing act, and then return with venom of bad Karmaís surprise  

The truth  
UmmÖjust an enchanted earthbound Angel with a passionate gift basket just for you  
To give the morality of men their earthly just due  
And thatís just a grand fact  
Rather weíre rocking in a chair, standing up, my golden legs wrapped around your back  
Steamy interludes as youíre sailing on a mission to seek, detonate, as you physically attack  
Mmm, be gentle now, this Angel is used to soft pinkish licks, as I emotionally hack  
My halo, my wings, Heavenís blissfulness given of Angel on her back  
Welcome to the comfort of my wings  
As an Earthbound Angel passionately whispers when she sings  

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us.

Thomas Paine
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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