For Those Left Behind

Those of us who lose the best thing in our lives

be it your fathers, sisters, husbands or wives

Whichever loss it was that broke you

I remember how it feels, it broke me too

How fleeting is this life?

makes one wonder about an afterlife

You never believe that life is this short

check off your bucket list as if it's a sport

You'll never regret a single thing

it's the things left undone that sting

Remarkably things left unheard and unseen

when the time comes, make us think Death mean

Another loss and they all flash through your head

it's not the funerals but the silence we dread

Calling their voicemail just to hear their voice

that or going to their grave site is your only choice

Looking at pictures to soothe the tears

never being able to stop is one of my fears

Reassuring everyone that you're okay, sounding monotone

trying to be strong, scared you'll turn to stone

Hoping they won't see me break

do they know this smile is fake?

The pain comes in sudden bursts

they're going to miss so many firsts

Accomplishments, weddings, a new life given birth

they'll miss watching you walk this earth

Leaving your own unique footprint

this world, you'll imprint

After you, it won't be the same

everyone will remember your name

With fond memories even through the pain

tears of the soul fall like rain

Everyday there's a new moment you wish to share

knowing there's nothing you can do but stare

After three years, I still talk to my Dad every single day

because there is still so much I wish to say

No matter where he is, I hope he can see

at least, now he can be free

I don't exactly believe in heaven, I believe in something far more profound

a place there is love, forgiveness, choice with night and mist that surround

My Goddess, her dwelling place, where old magick is alive

with her healing touch, maybe his soul can thrive

My hope is that he's at peace in her domain

finally, he gets to live without pain

Even though he's gone

his soul will go on

Whether his body and spirit return to the Earth

or if She approves his soul for rebirth

If that becomes the case

he can live in a new time, a new place

In his new life with her helping hand

he can do everything that he planned

All the things he never had the time for

he died before he had gotten to see more

He had so much ambition

like he was on a mission

To see everything

the world could bring

Helping those in need

never having any greed

Disability didn't hold him back

never needed anyone to cut him slack

He was dependable and strong

and could admit when he was wrong

Honesty was the key

to help us sift through debris

Our relationship was built on trust

my Dad always helped me adjust

To anything I needed help with

to some, reincarnation is a myth

I understand that disbelief

for me this has a comforting relief

Knowing that we all have hope

in hard times to help us cope

My wish is for him to get another chance

that next time he'll get more than a glance

So many dreams left to pursue

hopefully next time you enjoy the view

In time, most things heal

we'll survive this ordeal

I hope this puts your mind and heart at ease

knowing they still follow you in the breeze

Or maybe, you'll find them with Her

finally, letting go of who they were

We won't yet know what they'll find

until then, this is For Those Left Behind...
Written by ThiaTartorum
Author's Note
I've lost more than a few people in my life so grieving isn't really new to me, the hardest ones were my girlfriend and my father. It's something that never really goes away, it just gets easier to...
I've lost more than a few people in my life so grieving isn't really new to me, the hardest ones were my girlfriend and my father. It's something that never really goes away, it just gets easier to live Dad was in a lot of pain in his life so I guess this is my way of telling him that I hope he's happy or that he will be. And if it helps anyone along the way then that's great too..
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