Image for the poem misty dawns~with the talented theEgoEffect

misty dawns~with the talented theEgoEffect

misty drizzles fill me
with inner scribbles;
liquid vectors, gentle
torrents, brought upon
by gravity, fueling the
wind, why so wild in

the atmosphere, I flow freely
riding this vibe,
caressing your id,
talking to your inner beast;
it slumbers,

resting its rage, perhaps
it's a new age, a spate of
carnality from all
angles, the beast inundates
in dreamscape pleasures,

just wanting to be held by an
Angel- the freckled dawn smiles,
she holds you close in arms
of the auroral warmth;

glimmers the love of fate
run into it and be sated,
embalming of a soft dew
that's never to be dated;

delicate cascades of green
and blue hues speak to
my tender muse,
kisses from the ethereal plane,
gentle now twirls the energy-

massaging ego and soul,
dances in the light
over midnight chance;
two bodies come together as one
and yet too vast a

happenstance, flesh does no
justice to the nexus in
all these beautiful souls,
we're in it together...

misty melodies infuse
inside carnal lust, love
is peeking on the horizon;
hardened intentions seek relief,
within the tender blush
of its kindred...

with a gentle lilt of the tongue,
arousal is evident; it dips deep
in the garden of Eden
pure pleasure is had as Adam
meets his Eves-
rhapsodic repose, a new beatitude,
a new belief arose.

Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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