The pros and cons of soul travel - a series of dreams within a dream

We were slipping away from the starlight,
searching for somewhere to sleep.
Both of us surveying the scene,
two starseeds slumped in the silence.

I sneaked a quick peek in the darkness,
             her soul was aglow.
I said, "is anyone sleepy?
shouldn't we rest for awhile?"
So we settled into the star stream,
her eyes, a supernova in space.

I said, "would you care to comfort me?"
She whispered something angelic under her breath.
 The stars stood still
surrounding us all,
I thought to myself
we all feel so small,
I layed down beside her with visions flowing through....


So we stood by the wormhole
the soles of our ragged shoes
slipping as the star stream suddenly swirled..

Allured by the orb absorbing our galaxy,
Twas the kind of merge
that's felt universally,
an eternal surge of energy
engulfing the sunlight and disturbing the darkness.

But we were distraught,
you could see that we thought
we had known.
As we sat speechless
the feeling (between you and me)
was akin to blissful insanity.

So we went for a swim
in the starlight
to feel the embrace of this space,
To feel the power of our being,
to feel the wonder of oneness.

Then in the shadows
I heard a strange noise,
we held our breath
and remained ever so poised,
we closed our eyes and to our suprise...


There were angels with atman
at the edge of the dream,
right at the edge of this dream.
Oh my god, how did we end up here?
I thought we were still only sleeping.
She said, "come on now babe
you had to have known you were the one,
you had to have seen it my love
you had to have seen you're the one."
Oh god... Whats...
Sleep, sleep
I still must be just dreaming.

Through closed eyes
I see strange swirling skies fade away.
I wanna get back
to a place not so out of wack
to feel that fleeting felicity,
such a special simplicity.

See the stars shining silent
beyond the veil of vision
on the outskirts of some galactic garden.

Excuse me but..
This old soul and I
will just finish this spliff full of green.
It was nice to have been here but...
I think we'll just say goodbye.


For the last time today
I held her fading hand ever so tight
and in this chasm beyond starlight,
we merged as one.

Oh love,
oh love,
come with me and save me please.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.


Hey love,
take off the blindfold
and lets feast our eyes upon the inevitable,

Hey love,
let embracement of all be our rallying call,
Tonight lets form
our new revolution.
But tomorrow stay strong
as we slip into the silence
and remember,
only this is our guidance.

Hey love,
as I've always said, I enjoy the isolation.
Not what I had intended
but what I envisioned..

Hey love,
don't look away when we kiss.
I'm only a soul
out of control like you,
Only the dead get missed.

Oh please,
please take my hand
as we wander
through the wasteland
and remember love,
don't hide your head in the sand.

Don't scream,
don't scream your secrets at me.

I awoke in a trance,
the bedsheets were all soaked in tears.
She said, "we've been living in a nightmare, shot down by our own fears."
Then we picked up the pieces
of some splattered dream,
as she held out her hand and said,
"Another trip to the wasteland?"


I just wandered through the abyss,
my tail stuck between my legs.
she picked up my spirit,
her bright eyes vanquished my nervous sighs.

She carried the remains of my fear to the furnace.

When I opened my minds eye,
after the madness had passed
She said, "come on over close you silly soul
before you trip back into hell
you were only dreaming."


"Lets leave behind the human realm
lets leave it all it would be serene in the wilderness."

Wouldn't it though,
come on lets go.


As life flies by I spread my minds eye
over smokestacks and street cracks.
Within the gloom
where alienated monkeys
work in industrial isolation
invoking irritability
till we come to see,
this isn't where we want to be.
Go dreaming my boy!

We headed out in the spring
with a box full of hope for anything.
Hope for peace
and for new beginnings that never end.

We blew through the breeze
and we followed the fireflies
through the fanciful forest.
We climbed through the trees
and got a glimpse of the sunrise
and passed by a tiptoeing tortoise.

We held hands and we had no demands and we just wanted to live on the land.
We rescued a baby beaver
whose mother was somebodys hat.
You carried him everywhere
and snuggled him into bed
while we cuddled and laughed.
And we grew our own garden
and I only occasionally ventured into society to stock up on safety supplies
and fuel for the old Furnace.
I told our families lies while we wandered about freely.
The sun set sooner each passing day.

The leaves all fell down
our garden got flooded and drowned.
It was over.
Twas winter and freezing cold
the cabin was covered in mold
I sensed you silently scolding me,
this dream had vanished.

One weekend a demon in disguise, rot his soul,
seduced you away.
I said, "fuck it then
take your trip back to hell
in my misery I'll sit here and dwell."

I said, "go on then!"
She said, "okay"

And so leaving behind my nightmares and wishes
with the trees and fishes,
taking only my inanity
left my love and sanity
and went out to dream again.
To dream again.


For the last time today
I feel it's truly over.
I was your every day excuse for being
deaf dumb and blind.

Who'd have ever dreamed
this is how things would end up.
Now we carry our own weight
clumsy as can be.

And I'd have to confess
I feel like such a mess
being left here all by my lonesome.


An angel in the astrals
floats down to greet a fellow
lonely soul.
Lifts his head up out of his hands,
sits up wipes the tears and waits for his vision to clear.
He said,
"What's happening here?...
Where am I?... Who am I?..."
Then she takes his hand in some strange otherworldly love grip and pulls him through.

"Have a nice trip"

A demon in disguise
whose dream had been
in a fit of rage
takes and makes a leap and lurks around
to see what lonely souls surround.

I lose my breath,
face turning red,
strange visions and decisions to be made.
Another nightmare
in the emptiness of space.

These are the pros and cons of soul travel.
These are the pros and cons of soul travel.
Oh love, we must be dreaming!

I was drowning in the darkness.
The wave of time crashed before my eyes.
"Swim" said Somnus
"I'm too scared and too far gone"
I shrieked.

"Breathe in" he says
"Why won't you give it a try?
You must deny the lie you tell yourself,
take a chance to live before you die."

Do you remember ole Gaia?
Do you remember me?
Can you see us slowly slipping away?
"We won't be here to stay"

Did we understand the message people, Or was it all astray?
The wave of time crashes in the eternal ocean,
So lets step back into the stream again.

These are the pros and cons of soul travel.

These are the hopes and fears of nobody.
These are the doubts and dreams of anybody.
Oh love, I must be fading away.


In ancient lands and isolated villages,
in makeshift watercrafts
in the company of warlocks
and medicine men
and seductive shamans  
spreading secrets.
In temples and halfway houses,
in prisons and poetry books,
in photos taken in the past  
of people who didn't last,
I recognize...
one soul behind every pair of eyes.

And in wheelchairs behind window frames,
behind steering wheels and silent pains,
in family feuds and friendly fiascos,
in primitive solitude fishing with barbasco,
in court rooms and homeless shelters,
in award winning movie scenes  
depicting machines murdering men,
in hospital beds and in gangs of skinheads wearing ugly threads,
even the buzzkilling, overprotective feds
I recognize...
one soul in every pair of eyes.

And here, from where I stand
upon this cloud
I'm floating far from the fear.
I turn around,
I scan the starlight,
I'm lost in the night
so nearly free.

And I hear songs of long forgotten dreams,
I sense waves of time crashing, flowing with the stream,
I recognize...
the love that lingers in our eyes.


Then a moment of awareness  
faded into carelessness once again.  
I awoke in confusion,
turned over to see if you were really there.  
In the darkness  
I couldn't see a thing.  
I must admit  
I felt a rush of paranoia flood through.  
Ooh love  
Then I had to face the truth;
You weren't there,  
this dream is over.
Here I lie,
Written by Hunterapsych (Shaman among machines)
Author's Note
Just wanted to repost this personal fav of mine, a dream lost in time.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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