Radio Follies

Good evening, listeners.
It’s your Delilah Deli here at six
dee-livering the local news.  
So sit a spell with me please do.    
With all the rain we’ve had,  
the welfare of our park flowers  
has me in doubt.  
For here in Danvers,  
there’s just the one park,  
and the flowers, there’s only  
two: one yellow, one blue.    
So we need to be diligent,  
and learn the drill, ‘cause  
Danvers Park & Recreation  
( there’s only the one ) has a  
slogan; now say it with me:    
“In Danvers, NO flowers grow.”    
Well look-it here, standing  
bold as brass in the doorway  
of our station, if it isn’t the  
manager, Dithers Weaver!  
Say Dith, it’s a real delight.  
I’m just pleased as punch to  
see you here gracing us with  
your presence. What brings  
You clear out here from  
Beverly on such a friggin’,  
I mean, frigid morning?  
Oh, and hey Dith, can you              
get me a large coffee, strong;  
nothin’ in it but pure caffeine  
please cause it’s colder than a  
witch’s thorax in here. Thanks!  
Okay, listeners, while Dith  
is running his errand of mercy  
for your Delilah, let me ask:  
How ABOUT this weather, eh?  
The long duration of the cold  
can hardly be called a “snap”.  
I mean, really. The hamster  
who was in charge of running  
the wheel of our heating  
‘round here must be  
pushing up daisies by now!  
You peeps feelin’ me?  
Oh speaking of which, here’s  
Dith, back at last with your  
Delilah’s penicillin in the  
form of a cup of coffee.  
Oh my stars, did you lose your  
way to the break room, hon’?  
You ran five blocks to  
Pirouline’s? A sponsor!  
How very supportive of you.  
Oh but Dith dear, you’re  
suddenly looking delicate  
‘round the edges. Lie down on  
the cot in the break room  
while I go to station pause.  
Mmm, this coffee’s good and  
it’s still hot, how’d you do it?  
Anyway folks, time for station
break while I warm up, and  
we hear from Chopper Hal  
with his drone up in Boston,  
to give us a report on traffic  
for tomorrow’s marathon.  
Before we hook up with Hal,  
we’ll hear from our alternate  
sponsor about its weekend  
clearance sale on furniture.  
Don’t pass this up, you can’t  
afford NOT to check it out  
Favorite colors will sell out fast!  
Pick up a divan before styles  
& selections start to dwindle.  
They’re simply divine!
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
Published | Edited 22nd Feb 2019
Author's Note
Entered in the Deep’s competition “Through the Alphabet—the Letter “D”, hosted by MadameLavender.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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