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She Reigns

She wears a watch with no time                         Following you til your time expires;                 she'll even grace you at the cemetery gates                          
From a midnights sleep or light                      of day at your most spiritual hour;                you'll hear her beckon                                      Your soul; she's came to expunge                 Man or woman alike, sinner or saint;            she won't discriminate                                      Steadfast and to her avail;                                she'll seize and befoul your mind                    Like the sands of time;                                     even that second hand oscillating,                you'll be watching                                           
You're hooked on the inhebriation with which she reigns Tick._____________________Tock.           
Wretched and slow does it go                                                  
Draped in red with a big heartshaped  bow; she greets you                                          
By her angelic charisma, will you be charmed                                            
Tasting of sweet delirium;                                 a spoonful of her penchant, she'll offer up a taste                                                  
Lingering and haunting;                                   that taste of carnal euphoria will you covet  Searching the world over;                             your fiend, in a little game;        
glady will she play                                                  
In anything but holy;bathed and christened, will you be                   
Indulging of the flesh, like harkening             angels; she'll have you shouting out              God's graces                                        
 As you feel that sweet sin finally tarnish and defile you;                                                  
for mercy and redemption, you'll beg                          For His divine intervention;                             on God, she'll watch you call                 Through bible pages; you'll be flipping...                                                                
"The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace" ---- Romans 8:6
Beneath His turf, from her cathedra high;   wickedly, will she'll heckle                                               
Til death do you part; she will honor and obey                                        
With a band of shiny gold; her hand need not be adorned                                                   
Under bright sky's of blue;                               your vows - in sweet defiled bliss, will you say                                  
Although you'll share her with many;                with ball and chain, forever, is she yours                                                   
Ignited like napalm, bittersweet; her flame   Like a damn rag doll;                                         yields of you to such heavenly realms, but in the end, codemns you to a spiritual Hell  Like candy to a kid;                                            you'll be pleading for another taste              As if there's hope;                                                   
on bended knees, she'll ask of you to kiss her heels                                                  
      Click.                               Click.
Played you like a pawn & sp♤de         Mindfucked and tear stained cheeks; you watch and hear her meander away                In your face;                          
           BAM; slams that fucking door                                                  
She wears a watch with no time                    Following you til your time expires;                she'll even grace you at the cemetery gates  Crows perched on her shoulders, upon her cathedra high;                             
    Satan's right hand angel sits                                                  
     She goes by the name of______                            
       _________ LUST...she reigns.                              
Written by PandoraUnleashed
Published | Edited 15th Feb 2019
Author's Note
Please excuse the uncentered format due to one minor edit🙄 This is NOT a judgement call as my halo is literally held up by my horns & I'm far from an angel. I do love God so it isn't to be...
Please excuse the uncentered format due to one minor edit🙄 This is NOT a judgement call as my halo is literally held up by my horns & I'm far from an angel. I do love God so it isn't to be blasphemous either. We're all human & it's clear she reigns...part Angel, part demon.
This just popped in my mind while reading through some posts.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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