The Shadow

I didn't sleep well last night
as I spent a good portion of it trying to figure how a shadow can assist in a room with no light
but there it was clearly in my view
not stretch across the floor or some wall but standing in the center of my room
swaying like it was breathing , with no face or movements that could give any reasoning
I realized I was frozen, thinking the wrong move could upset it
if all it was going to do was sit there, then I would let it
but then I realized it was there to take me and why, I do not know
but wherever we were going, I felt would be peace so I was ready to go
the shadow suddenly lifted a arm from a dark shadowy cloak
where at the end a long finger appeared and on my chest gave it a poke
my breathing and heart beat began to race then suddenly they stop
my body suddenly  raised from under the covers, somehow now am on top
where the shadow is taking me seems to be dark but here I have not found light
and again I welcome the peace because I haven't been sleeping well at night
where ever the darkness is taking me, I know I will not come back from
there will be no more pain or worries and I will be leaving behind some
who may sometimes call out for me but I will not come
and because of that they'll sit in a room one day talking to their own shadow
trying to fill a void with darkness so it is no longer hollow
for a second I think of them, that I want to give them heaven and cause of that  I would battle hell for them
I now fight the darkness as we move faster
as I can hear the echoes of soulless laughter
With all my strength I scream I am not ready, I am not ready
but its not working and with what seems to be my last chance  I say "please because to be with out me they are not ready."
I awake in my bed, with my little ones picture beside my head
and realize it is her light and not this darkness i must embrace instead.

Written by Murk
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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