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Electric Horse


not an easy thing for this man...  
to get back on that saddle  
and straddle the random  
topsy-turvy tumultuous torrents  
that has once left him open  
and vulnerable..  
exposing hidden crack and flaws  
those emotional hang ups  
and all those egotistical chips  
lingering on shoulders  
the kind that  
don't brush off that easy  
not so easy  
cuz he remembers  
how freely he opened up to her  
and how she did him greasy  
with a beautiful smile  
she deceived him  
betrayed all that he believed  
was real between them  
toying with the heart he wore  
proudly on his sleeve  
knowing damn well she would leave him  
hanging..dangling in the wind  
as soon as her plan A finally  
showed his face  
......time trust  
not just another woman  
but himself  
cuz memoirs of that nasty fall  
caused a lot of second guessing  
and left a deep bruise  
invisible to the viewing public  
no one knew about the internal bleeding  
or the nights spent home alone  
refusing phone calls  
too proud for sympathy  
clumsily applying homemade remedies  
only to find that after all  
that alcohol he consumed    
it would only serve as  
a temporary numbing agent  
the pain was sure to  
first thing that morning  
like clockwork  
back to the mourning  
with the scorning so fuckin scathing  
like a pendulum slashing away  
left aorta ...right aorta  
left ventricle..right ventricle  
left worn out  
feeling like Davy Jones  
wishing he could just rip his heart out  
and bury it..along with the axe  
he didn't want to pay the tax  
that love was seeking to exact  
upon him..  
but like karma  
love is gonna collect love's due  
so he paid the toll  
and the lessons stayed ingrained  
within his soul  
as intellect and intuition  
became the guiding principles  
nurturing a heart that was destined  
to regenerate and love again  
...feel again  
and yeah...he may fall again  
or maybe not  
but whatever the case  
thorough and honest discourse  
within his inner  
has steadied him..thus readied him  
to once again brave the bucking  
of that electric horse  
so let the chips fall where they may  
win lose or draw  
through it all..he'll still be ok...  
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 2nd Feb 2019
Author's Note
circa 1991
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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