The Woodpecker's Way

*knock, knock, knock, knock*...*knock, knock, knock*  

Somewhere in Cambridge, deep within the forest...
a downy woodpecker is hammering at the base of an old cypress tree,  
chiseling away at the wood, carefully carving out its nesting cavity.  
Bit by bit, the old, petrified bark cracks and splinters away from its core,  
Revealing the soft, light-colored cambium beneath.  
As the crowning cambium peeks out from the darkened wood of the decaying bark,  
Contrasting shades of color coalesce, painted against a cerulean sky  
Where woodpecker’s bill and cypress tree, under crimson clouds collide  
*knock, knock, knock, knock*… *knock, knock, knock*  
(a knocking upon mother nature's door)  
Aha! A squirming surprise, wriggling wildly about!  
A creeping caterpillar – a delicious snack for a hungry bird.  
“Bon appétit, Monsieur Chenille!” (Good meal, Mr. Worm!)  
The bird chirps cheerfully, before voraciously gulping it down:  
A quick collation to quell the hunger of a long day’s work;  
A ruthless killing, but not a crime, rather an act of nature,  
And reminder to the carefree caterpillar of its rightful place in the chain of life,  
Amongst the flowering clover and the bumblebees…  
Below the towering cover of Tupelo trees.  
For this busy bird has no time for charity, 'cause soon—  
There will be many mouths to feed!  
*knock, knock, knock, knock*… *knock, knock, knock*
Author's Note
Written for MadameLavender's, "Through the Alphabet - the letter 'C'"

It shows up a lot neater on a computer.
Written for MadameLavender's, "Through the Alphabet - the letter 'C'"

It shows up a lot neater on a computer.

I had a lot of fun writing this one, but it was also tricky due to the words which we were required to use. For example, to use chenille in the sense that I wanted to, I made the bird speak French, heh. It weaves in and out of rhyming stanzas, and is pretty 'free verse', so I hope people still like it!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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