Heavenly Seed

I pour you a glass of wine, grabbing myself a beer. We chat for a bit flirting, kissing and enjoying each other's company then you take my hand, leading me to the bedroom.

your dress drops to the floor, you step out of it then lay on the bed, your pussy trimmed but short, your boobs small and perky nipples hard, for a moment I stopped at looked at you in awe as i quickly gathered my thoughts, I walked over to the Cabinet got out candles and lotion then turned the lights out, the room darkened although it had the flicker of candle light

I knelt over you slipping your g string off and dropping it to the floor, I took my clothes off then rubbed my hands together hearing them up before i put the lotion on, your skin soft to the touch like freshly fallen snow, I started at your feet rubbing delicately into your skin Balancing out each act whilst I rubbing the lotion in

as i made my way up your calfs, I noticed that you where quite toned, it showed just how fit you where, your body lay still as you indulged in my soft massage, slowly steadily making my way up your body. I rotated my fingers on your thighs, feeling you tense alittle I noticed that this spot turns you on so I treated it with abit more attention just taking my time

I stopped, kissing your plump lips then continued up your stomach until I reached your boobs, there my hands took over caressing your nipples delicately before continuing to kiss up your neck and onto your lips where you kissed me back

you pushed me onto my back then kissed me down my neck, working your way down leaving your devilish bite all over my body, you reach my cock, your hand cups my balls as you lick up and down my shaft slowly sucking on my tip, just licking and toying with me, stroking your hand up and down and your mouth throttles my cock with you devious tongue, I lay still stricken by pleasure as you slowly blow my mind, my cum building about to over load I burst thrusting a splurge of cum into your mouth then fall back into the bed as a huge relief has been released

you get up, head into the toilet to rinse out your mouth when I follow you in a your leaning over the sink, my eyes drawn to your beautifully curved bum so tendeŕ for the taking, I stand closer straddling cheeks with the tip of my cock, you subtly laugh as my hand slips over your hip, my other hand nestles my hard rod inbetween you luscious cheeks, piercing your tight ass, as my cock slowly penetrates your bum your back arches, head drops back I kiss your neck as i thrust hard up and into your tender tightness slowly in and out as our passion ignites together your panting fueling my hunger for you, driving my cock in fast steady but tenderly as i enjoy the tightness of your hole sliding up and down my cock

as i pound your bum cheeks with you bent of the sink, my balls shuddering against your bum, I wrap my hand around your pony tail tugging on you like the reigns of a horse, I slap your right bum cheek as i thrust effortlessly into your tight bum turning your cheeks red, you scream in pleasure as burst in your back door releasing my heavenly seed.

Written by Danny11714 (Danny117)
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