The Journey ( Resumed – After Mary Oliver )

It never began, but resumed        
on some lackadaisical day              
when you least expected joy –              
or, maybe it was an extraordinary              
moment by Love              
activating clarity of intuition              
subcutaneously dormant within you;            
a minute idea-like mammal              
carving its way blindly              
through hallowed cavities            
of your solar plexus –              
their sacrosanct caves reflecting              
a d้jเ vu of something              
vaguely remembered            
and familiar; an ingrained        
pattern of repetition. . .          
Millenniums of theory            
hammered upon an iron anvil             
of imagination and speculation            
into understanding              
exactly, exactly why            
everything, especially you            
exist to overcome              
such undesired contrast              
necessary to water your growth;              
not to give you any advantage –              
but, to see and accept              
its universal flow;  allowing          
no inclement onslaught            
to hold you in the dirt.                 
Written by Ahavati
Published | Edited 13th Jan 2019
Author's Note
Non-entry for the "Bone" Competition:
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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