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She lays there

She lay there in the cool room. A silk cloth covering her eyes from seeing anything around. Her naked body was lying across the silken-sheet bed. Her lover told her she would have her romantic night. Something she would never forget nor want to end. Her wrists and ankles were bound directly above and beneath her. Nothing to cause her to feel dirty by being spread wide, but yet at the same time they were loose enough to cause such a process. She squirmed from side to side. Wondering when the relief of her lover would arrive. Her mind spinning with all the possibilities that might come from this.

He looked down upon his lover with loving eyes. Just the sight of her made him wanting for nothing else. He lay down besides her… Her arms moving to try and embrace him. But not yet, this was not his time for pleasure, but hers. A single rose was held in his right hand… the petals slowly dragged across her flesh. Running over her cheeks. Her nose allowing her to smell the sweet sensations with in it. The rose danced across her body. Brushing over her sensitive nipples before moving across her damp exposed sex. Everything he did to her brought both moans of pleasure and whimpers of excitement to produce out. Her mind not knowing what to do with such a tease. Soon the rose was discarded… he stood onto his feet moving to the dresser… gathering that of the next three items.

She gasped at the new smells and sensations. Perfume with in her lover’s hands stroked down her thighs, over her breasts and her feet. Rubbing any soreness of tenderness away. Once that was complete a powder puff ball was taken. Padding her entire body with the soft feelings. A soft white came over her skin… before she felt her lover laying kisses along her jaw line. His tiers moved down. Embracing just around her nipples. Growing close to the sensitive nubs then moving along down her body. Finally… Those teasing pair of flesh rubbed along her sex.

His tongue dipping forth to taste his love. She gasped feeling the sensations flood through her. So gentle he was this night. So calm. Everything was just perfect in her eyes. The warm muscle pushed past her silken petals, rubbing deeply in side of her body. His hands stroked and caressed her form. Her body writhed back and forth. Hips grinding down against his tongue. No matter how much she tried to get her lover to become faster. The sensual slow touches would continue. Right hand moved down pushing two fingers past her folds. Lips embracing the swollen nub, bathing it in his moist mouth.

Everything he was doing to her, he could tell she was enjoying. When the warm fluids of her climax spilled forth. He knew it was time to show her the true meaning of his love. Every drop of her orgasm was lapped up. As if hungry for the very essence of his beloved. His hands moved down untying
her ankles her. Letting his fingers stroking along her calves. Then he lifted up untying her wrists. She tried to just embrace him then… but he then removed her blindfold.

They stared into one another’s eyes. She was nearly in tears at the simple sight of his love. As they moved into each other’s arms. He moved between her legs. In a slow movement he was in side of her. She was around him. They were joined now with more then just love. Their hips moved together. She leaned her head back giving out a deafening scream. The penetration spreading her, pushing with in the moist, tight space. Her lover’s member was rubbing every portion that could cause pleasure. Everything he did. Every kiss he pressed to her body. Every touch seemed to bring the sensations tonight more so.

The moment of bliss struck them both. As his warmth filled her body. They held each other tightly feeling their climaxes join into one. Both of them were becoming both friends and lovers in one another’s embrace. Both of them sharing the joined love. As he rocked her with in his arms. He kissed her forehead… for this night was not that of lust. But of love
Written by Greywolfman
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