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Wisps of Life

Feeling like a wraith
in an old house, I sit
parked outside a place
you called home.
A short distance from your
front door,
listening to tunes of
a love that can't be grasped,
like good memories
my mind no longer

My vision is blurred
but these hues of green
take me to a place more
the wind whispers
in my ear, I feel
a deep spur,
like the one that brought me
here -

to you

But no matter where I go
someone always tries to rip
me from my solace
& It's no different now;
I wonder if this ebb and flow I'm
entwined in ever ceases to be

Staring up at
barely breathing leaves
that wish to rest,
a burned image of one
golden tree & its slow dancing
silhouette resides in my head;
the only thing bringing me
peace again...

And the sky is so blue, just like you
not one cloud in view, the sun,
oh how it shines, regardless of one's

Like time -
it stops for no man
and somehow I remain frozen
in a realm most days
I can't stand.
Timeless -
yet every minute deeply felt;
eternity sounds right now
like bullshit dealt;
how I wish I could
soar like the hawk

Like you, sometimes
I fail to see the point

not sure what to make of that,
we were always on such different planes;
& now we're one in the same...

Fear of the unknown,
the void, the abyss,
for us it doesn't exist.

Listening to tunes of
a love that can't be grasped,
I make my way back to that gold tree
who withstands storms and hurricanes,
deeply grounded with roots so strong
& vibrant halos along its veins;
seeping wisps of life in the air,
flowing, as the cool wind
numbs my pain...
Right in the nick
of time.
Written by theEgoEffect (Barona)
Published | Edited 19th Jan 2019
Author's Note
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