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YOU ARE - - - - Dedicated to Missy: A dear friend

So many things I wish to say to you
In gratitude for your friendship
I don't mind your elegant ways
The way you call me a spunk gibbon
Or a smelly crow necked frothing weasel
Or a diseased snake bit retarded mongoose
Or even a drooling spam fritter eating gonnk
Hell I don't even mind when you call me a Cunt
For in my head these are terms of endearment
Terms of a caring friendship, but I feel responsive
I need to define who you are, what you are

Thou Art
A bootless weather bitten bladder
A churlish unchain snorted boar pig
A cockaded toad spotted bug bear
A clouted tickle brained bum bailey
A craven tardy gaited canker blossom
A dankest swag bellied clot pole
A droning spur galled coxcomb
An errant rump fed strumpet
A fawning rude growing rats bane
A frothy reeling ripe pompano
A leaking pox marked pignut
A goatish plume plucked pigeon egg
An impertinent onion eyed codpiece
A lumpish milk livered mole warp
A yammering motley minded flex wench
A mangled ill nurtured malted worm
A dribbling hedge born miscreant
A venomous half faced maggot pied
A spleeny hast witted measle
A spongy flap mouthed nut hook
A reedy ill breeding hugger mugger
A wayward fly bitten loadstar
A tottering elf skinned foot licker
A ratfish dread bolted whey face
An muzzled beetle headed harpy
A roguish hell hated born beast
A weedy guts griping flap dragon
An infectious pestle deep giggler
A rank knotty parted mumble news
A puking bat fowling barnacle
A slumbering clipper clawed fustilarian
A bawdy beef witted dudgeon
A fobbing idle headed haggard
A jarring dismal dreaming death token
A quailing hedge born clack dish
A mewling dog hearted skain's mate
A vain guts gripping vassal
A saucy sheep biting miscreant
A cunty maccunt face piece of cuntage
From cunnylingus Lane, Cuntpole
Cuntingshire, Cuntland, Planet Cuntybawbag
I mean all these things about you
But I am saying them all in a caring way
You are who you are
You are what you are
You are you
A Fuctardian Gobshiting flumbber penis
From a friend

Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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