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As We Move Forward 2019

Letís bow our heads as you and I pray  
From Godís lips to our hearts  
Approved to say  
May He smile upon us as we strive  
Crossing into a new year, thank goodness we both arrived  
Looking back  
Mother Natureís cruel attacks  
You and I survived Hurricanes  
Godís tears from pouring rains  
Weíre still here  
Embedded by words  
Bless over the indigent, smart, wise and the nerds  
Jobs, Life, and the Stress of it all  
Letís hold on to each other to cushion our falls  
Emotions have carried us into a yearís anew  
Blessed to see with sight, grass coated with earth morning dew  
The pending first month of 2019  
Practice in life no delays, therefore no waits, served up as a spiritual cuisine  
I hope you will continue to read me  
The orientation of my mind is never a fee  
Heavenly father bless over our families, friends, and keep them all safe  
For the shirtless, the shelterless, cocoon their souls from being a waif  
Bless our jobs that we find pleasure in what we do  
In faith of our dreams to always pursue  
Bless our temple  
Abroad, coast-to-coast, internationally  
For our loved ones who are not here  
We look toward the Heavens to shed a single tear  
Bless over America  
Red, White, and Blue, no matter whatís your political view  
Keep racial lines withering down to a narrow  
A promise from God to keep his Eyes on the Sparrow  
Land of the Free and Brave  
Veterans I salute you from your graves  
Peace, Hope, Love  
May we find it as we pray in silence to our Heavenly father above  
On the clouds of dreaming  
A diamond in the rough, however, still gleaming  
Known in the afterlife as Erotica and Romance Author K. Steamy  
Love and Hugs  
Given from me to you from above  
Hugs and Love  
Remember only God rules down here and above  
Soulfully Unified  
This blessing for you and me, with Godís permission may it be humbly applied  
Happy New Year DUP  
And all who contribute to its grand success  

Authorís note: as this New Year approaches, I will be spending less and less time on here, new endeavors, personal goals to obtain, marathon training, and publishing three novels in 2019 has been placed in my progressing future  

Therefore, if you do not see me, I will always be around in spirit  
Keep writing, you writers are all awesome  


Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Let our New Year's resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.

Goran Persson
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