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The Need, The Feed, The Please

Lay as you come to worship my bronze kissed form    
On sheets adorned with soft rose petals  
Soft hands exploring gentle lands of passion  
Eyes to eyes    
Breath to breath    
Make love to my mind in deep lines    
Surrendering my temple unto her womanly designs    
No better feeling to be entwined    
As loss of time    
Her palms up my gentle thighs    
Spreading me as gently as a soft breeze    
Her supple naked body between her fate    
My destiny    
Our rapture    
Soles of my feet curled around her neck    
Mm...her finger sampling her gourmet feast    
Exploring deeper the realm of my Sacral Charka     
Her lips tasting the essence of Heaven    
Poetic jousting coating her fingertips    
Gyrating my pussy, her domination    
Echoes of laced filled soft mummurs    
Submitting my mind, my body to her ministrations    
Past the fifth dimension she takes this journey of me    
Suspending us as we become as one    
Tongue sailing inside the seventh wonder of my Chi    
Mm…deeper and deeper, relishing in my carnal yearning for her    
Burying her tongie Inside my soft folds    
The tip licking upon the wet mouth of my soul    
As I moan out her name    
Her tongue dipping, slipping    
Flogging my clit, bathing my slit    
My impatient fingers joining the wicked foray    
Arching my back    
Her oral dance scaling my inner sanctum    
My fingers escaping inside her mouth    
Feeding off my taste, her want, my need    
Arresting her face between the cocoon of my inner thighs    
Seesawing my pussy up and down    
The curvature of her soft pinkish fetish    
Slipping in and out    
Drinking from the wet fountain of my youth    
Palming her head for surrendering my soul to her, only her    
Back bent, emotions spent    
Slowly and slower gyrations of motions    
Her tongue reaping the famished reward of tasting    
Her oral affection unmeasured    
Serenading my body within    
Her biggest cheering fan behind her art of pleasure    
Closing my eyes to the calling of physical joviality    
The twisting current of her soft tongue    
Sailing in the wet ocean of my depth deeper    
Pussy hole, sleeker    
Oh, sweet mercy    
Clenching my hips in rapture    
Tongue dancing inside by lust    
Drools of passion    
Seeps of wetness    
My essence pulsating    
Her tongue funneling    
My wet walls locked onto her teasing dance    
Pussy releasing    
Onto the need    
The hungry need of her speed    
Freeing the core of lover’s true devotion    
Staining the craving of her tongue    
Back flapping upon silk covering    
Oh…yes…yes…kiss upon my Genie’s lamp    
Soothe the tidal wave that has overtaken    
Last kiss of contentment upon my mound of bliss    
Sighs rang in the bliss of aftermath
Written by Cocoa
Published | Edited 31st Dec 2018
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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