Here Be Dragons!

Why would you come down here to look for a goddess?
There are no maidens here.
Black, painted lips and monochrome hearts stained blood red are all you'll discover.
You won't find empty promises here,
Just crude truths and open thighs.
You won't hear sweet nothings dear,
Just guttural calls and high pitched sighs.
No blushing, tentative glances,
I like what I see and I'll have it!
You don't have to obscure your advances,
Snap the leather, bite down on the bit.
I won't lie and say there'll be no pain,
But its smarting will feel just divine,
Below, here you leave behind shame,
Now hold on as we count up to seven.
One: the first snip on your skin,
Two: takes you by surprise,
Three: here's where it begins,
Four: the release from the lies,
Five: this is all that you need,
Six: now you're starting to bleed,
Seven: like iron on my taste buds.
Do you need release?
Say, "please"
No, I dont think I believe.
The ecstasy is to relieve.
And you want ecstasy don't you?
You won't find quivering little rabbits' noses here.
My cave echos, but it's warm.
Do you want to come inside?
I want to take you to the edge,
And leave you hanging.
Paused... and suspended,
Can I make you cry? You're safe.
This place is dark, and the blackness envelops like midnight. Sex is nocturnal.  
My kisses are stars on your scars, both inside and out. My sex will heal you, but first I need to break you open and let what was decaying in there out.
All manner of devices to spread you wide.
Are you ashamed?  
Are you scared?
This sin is our carnal psalm.
Give me your tongue,
While I draw it into my mouth,
And your breath,
With a suck.
And then my mouth wanders,
Like clouds, over your mountains and hills,
Until I find a place to rest.  
My breast cupped,
Nubs pinched,
Throat filled.
I drink the rivers of your moonlight,
Command you drink from my lips,
A red sunset,
And the burns on your wrists heal in time.
Written by Sky_dancer (The Cosmic Dragon)
Author's Note
Don't come around here looking for virgins to save.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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