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I can't shake this feeling that's been building inside me for god knows how long now. The picture in my head never changes. The dreams never change. Over and over they keep repeating.

The beast is circling me, snarling, growling, gnashing its teeth, hot, slimy saliva dripping down its chin as it glares at me with those glowing red eyes. I'm paralyzed with fear but something strange is happening, I feel excited. As I start to growl back, I wake up. Every fucking night, I wake up at that exact moment.

The other night it all started to change. The beast is circling, snarling again but this time when I start to growl back, it's different. It's a deep guttural primeval sound that starts to emanate from deep within me. I awaken with a start, sweat soaking my sheets.

"That was different," I chuckle to myself.

I look over at the clock, it's only 12 midnight. It feels like I've been asleep for ages. I climb out of bed and decide to jump in the shower to wash all the musty, sticky sweat off of my body and to clear my head. I let the steaming hot water run down my bearded face, over my shoulders and chest and down to my feet. It's no use, I can't shake the image of the beast. Every time I close my eyes, there she is.

"Whoa, what was that?" I say out loud. "She?" It finally dawns on me, I've been dreaming about a woman all these years, not a beast at all.

The thought excites me. I start to breathe a little harder. My cock starts to rise at the thought of the "beast" of my dreams as being a woman. I close my eyes, I can visualize her crawling towards me, eyes on fire. Staring at me like I'm her prey.

I feel a sensation deep within my body growing. I need to release the long pent up animalistic energy I've been dreaming about for decades. I slowly start to stroke my now rock hard cock. As I'm stroking, I see her slowly stretch her arms out towards me. Her fingernails remind me of the sharp claws of a feline, She arches her back and glares at me with those piercing red orbs. She starts to circle me. I can smell her animal essence. Her scent is driving me mad with desire.

I start to stroke my cock harder.

I snarl back at her. I bare my teeth and growl deeply. Are we testing each other? Seeing who will back down first? The hackles on the back of my neck rise up. I feel like I'm on fire. It's all finally falling into place. I sense the primal beast within me being unleashed.

I stroke faster now.

Both of us are glaring at each other, our eyes smouldering with primal lust. Looking for any weakness. Circling, reaching out to one another. Testing. The primal urge to pounce is getting stronger. My muscles start to bunch up for the leap that is about to happen.

I start to pound my cock even harder now.

She glances down. There's the sign of submission I've been waiting for. I strike, like the Wolf strikes a wild feline on the forest ground. I land on top of her back, sinking my teeth deep into her shoulder. She howls with anger and pleasure.

Faster I stroke.

My cock impales her from behind. I thrust hard and deep. I can taste her blood on my tongue as I sink my teeth deeper still. Determined not to let my prey escape, I start pumping harder and harder, deeper and deeper. She continues to howl in pain and pleasure but it's different now, deeper and softer.

I feel the guttural, primal scream start to escape my lips, louder, louder and LOUDER STILL.

OH MY FUCKING GOD!! My cock explodes with the force of a hurricane crashing onto shore. My chest is heaving with the exertion. I open my eyes, water streaming into them.

"Holy shit," I pant...Breathing heavy, I finish taking a shower. "That was crazy."

I hear a muffled sound coming from the bedroom. Not paying it much attention I continue to dry off and head back to the bedroom. The lights are off but I can make out a shape under the sheets. I flip the light switch on. There, laying on my bed is a woman.

"Who the hell are you?" I shout, as I'm shaking the cobwebs from my brain.

"Come back to bed baby," she says seductively.

Feeling very confused. I mutter, "Oh well," under my breath. Evidently she knows me, so I pull the sheets back to slide up next to her. I gaze upon her naked body and smile.

I pull back her hair to kiss her neck. "WTF????"

There on her shoulder is a deep bloody bite mark
Written by Greywolfman
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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