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Her Perfume was Purple

Do scents have colors?
I don't know, but her's was purple...

She moaned and groaned
On the telephone
I had no doubt she was alone
"Come, I have need, cum with speed
My address #350 Reed, Apartment 4
Open the door, I'm on the floor"
Then silence, no voice, no more...

#350 was just around the block
Where Nashua stopped and Reed in-cropped
Without time for sock or jock
I tucked in my swollen cock
I pulled my shorts on with a hop
Raced in sleeve-less tee to see who lay
This night so late in wait for me

There it was, #350 Reed
I hit the button
It buzzed with speed
Up the ancient stairs curved round
A faint humming, the only sound
Mixed with the clatter of my shoes
I passed the numbers 1, 2, 3
There was 4 in front of me
I pushed the heavy door ajar
And peered into the darkness far

There on the floor a figure sprawled
As in ecstasy did fall
"Come," I hear a voice so sweet
"Come lay with me teat to teat"
I cast my clothes off to the side
My cock erect I could not hide
Upon her body naked I did lie

My penis quick did try
As if a needle entering an eye
Her arms around me savage, wild
A fragrance so rare beguiled
Her long hair entwined my eyes and nose
There was no doubt t'was me she chose

Much too fast I thrust and parried
Her hips resounding rhythm carried
On until my balls did so trigger
A river of cum my prick delivered
"Hold fast," she whispered and milked me dry
She held me tightly eye to eye
Yet never did I see her face
The darkness covered every grace
She left me sleeping in that place
And disappeared without a trace

In the morning I awoke
Moving men my gut did poke
The place was more or less vacant
They took me for a homeless vagrant
Pushed me out the door with curse
Sparing me from something worse

I pass that building once a week
I want to call out to speak
I want to know who stole my seed
A woman needy I believed
Life holds mysteries enthralled
Like unknown hands that grab your balls
When the Subway light does fail
And when relit there's no telling tale

A year or more has passed by me
Many carriages wheels by I see
Women with babes so fine
I wonder if a child is mine
The mother pauses and smiles
Then resumes her stroll for miles

I am left chilled and cold
With no answer to my quest
Who or why I was pressed
To fornicate as all men do
No reason, rhyme to pull us through
Just memories that quickly fade
As life resumes like a razor blade

Yet still I smell that purple scent
That deep within my brain has dent
I wonder who, I wonder why
I wonder, as I stop and sigh
I look around and start to cry

Sometimes the wind passes Central Park
Reaches through my window dark
I would swear there is a scent
Reminding me of that event
I thrust my head outside
Though naked still I do not hide
The wind goes still
The scent is lost
I'll never learn the true cost
Of that night so far away
And of my love who would not stay
Written by Greywolfman
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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