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Tunnel Vision

Tunnel vision
So many split decisions
Do we always see what others mean
Delving in words like a Scorpionís sting
I am bored out of my mind
I guess Iíll take a stroll back in time
Things were so simple
Getting by on dimples
Awaiting state of maturity
A softer side of purity
If you had one wish, what would it be for
Hum, probably for me, to close stereotype doors
I will change the bitter climate of minds
To discontinue wasting other peopleís time
Breaking it down by geographic
Mental flowing non-stop traffic
East Coasters, we say, we play, and then weíre gone
West Coasters would keep you suspended with that long Billy the Kid drawl
My Northern folks
So slow to the point, couldnít even find the North Pole and thatís no joke
The Dirty South
Umm, hospitality found by the southern groove of the mouth
Never had any second thoughts about
People Here
People There
World population census every ten years with a questionnaire
Black or White
Such a touching subject when each side thinks their right
For Steamy Me
The entire world is my bed
Please donít misinterpret what I just said
I love with no colors to blind me
If youíre the King with the juice, then Iím your Queen Honey Bee
Therefore, no confusion once roving inside the depth of my sea
Hold hands, under Godís plan
United we stand
Divided we fall
Put your blinders on for a moment, your call
Move on
One World One Song
As someone once stated, canít we all just get along
Endorphins created and then released
Four a small word, it draws controversial debates
Blessings and ordained from above
My Love and Hugs
If I write my name one more time, I will have to dedicate this poem  
Iím sure you get the point; Iíll keep you warm through lifeís raging storms
I really think my treadmill is a man
Holding up my legs as I stand
Preparing my body for an hour fast pace
Glimpsing the emotions of anticipation on my face
Pressing all its setting hot buttons; body eagerly jumping on top of it
Oh, my goodness, releasing some deep rooted mental unjustly rift
Restated like a intellectual lady, some mental tid bits
Read my poems Iím sure you know the essence of a dip
Moaning, are we done, after twenty minutes escapes my lips  
Nurse mode has been put on hold
Runner set free
As my treadmill dream is oiling my muscles to a tee
Slow, fast, up, and down
Taking my body on a course pound for pound
If you didnít know the reference of itís true meaning
As Iím treadmill dreaming
Sweat is reeking
Results Iím seeking
You would say, how long, and now
Popping it and Wow
Head bowed while still mowing the lawn
Be gentle, Iím as shy as a Fawn
Running and Coming how sweet
Finish line I crossed in a surrender of this meet
Okay, this fantasy is now coming to an end
Salvation just around the bend
Darn, I must jump off my treadmill friend
Until the next time I need to dream and sweat
Treadmill dreaming once again, you bet
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 14th Mar 2021
Author's Note
My tunnel vision work ethic is very hard to come by, I believe. I have had an unwavering faith in myself and my career for as long as I can remember.

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