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A Night At The Savoy

One night at The Savoy
I saw him from afar.
He was sitting alone,
having a drink at the bar.

He wore wing tipped shoes,
His suit was tailored to the stars,
Looking oh so debonair,
as he puffed his cigar.

This man no doubt, was
Demetrius Hill.
Just the mere sight of him,
gave my body chills.
Known amongst men for
how quick he would kill.
Known amongst the ladies
for his love-making skills.

I walked over in my red spike heels.
Good girl gone bad.
Dripping with a sex appeal,
I never knew I had.
Red silk dress,
brassiere and thong.
I stared him down,
Just a second too long.

He looked at me
with intensity,
Damn near looking into me.
The bulge in his lap gave me proof
that he was into me.

I said nothing
but my body language screamed..
‘Come and get it Daddy,
Oooouuu give me what I need.’
He nodded his head slowly,
Yes he understood...
He stood up swiftly,
Exposing his wood.

He poured me a shot of
Tennessee Whiskey,
I took it straight to the head.
It was smooth and hot.
It hit the spot,
right between my legs.

I placed my hand on his chest,
He pulled my body close.
His scent
made me wanna melt
like butter on toast.
He softly caressed my lower back
And wet his bottom lip.
He brought my hand up to his mouth
and kissed my fingertips...

‘Tell me what’s it going to take
to make you mine tonight,’
The lady on stage sang the blues,
Hitting the notes just right.
I really didn’t feel like putting up
a fight. All pressed up against him
with his crotch so tight.

‘Take the lead, I will follow’,
I told this man,
he paid his tab and
took me by the hand.
All eyes were on us
as we departed the Savoy,
The envious glares from bystanders
gave me so much joy.
A 7 minute ride
in his brand new Cadillac.
It was pouring down raining
with no signs of showing slack.

We pulled up to his house
at 1 AM.. my patience was
beginning to wear thin.
We walked through the door,
and he wasted no time,
pressing his lips hungrily
against mine.

He squeezed and touched my body
All over.
With sex in his voice, he told me
‘Bend Over’
I put my hands on my knees,
He said,’No Ma’am, ankles please’..

I did as he said,
Wanting to laugh,
But then he put his nose
In the crack of my ass.
He pulled out my thong
And tore the seat,
He spread my booty
And began to eat.👅

He licked my asshole...
Again and again.
Making slurping noises.
Sticking his tongue in.
He stroked my asshole...
W that juicy wet tongue.
Stopping to tell me,
‘U better not cum.’

He slid his pointer finger
into my juicy slit,
caressing my inner woman
while suckling my clit.
He moaned as he satisfied
his craving for me.
He kissed my sweet pussy
So passionately.

I reached between my thighs
And grabbed his tie.
I pulled him in closer...
Tongue deeper inside.
He started moaning louder,
And that’s what I like.
Pussy saturated...
Ready for pipe.

He must’ve read my freaky mind.
He gave a slap to my behind.
The pain was welcome,
I’ve come to find
that pleasurable pain
feels so divine.

Divine it was
As he caressed.
I turned to help him
Get undressed.
I loosened his tie
He unbuckled his pants.
I slid off his jacket,
Imported from France.
I tried to unbutton with
my fumbling hands, but
He ripped his shirt open
before I got the chance.

He stood naked and erect.
I got naked ...and so wet.
Standing bare before each other.
Mirrored images. Reflect.
My desire took flight,
like a fighter jet.
I was ready for a dosage of
mind-blowing sex.

I walked away
so sultry...
Sitting on the couch.
I laid back on the pillows.
Legs open and out.
Sucking both my middle fingers
And parting pussy lips.
With my other hand
Pulling and twisting my nips.

He stroked his cock as he
drew near.
We were both
full of passion
and without fear.
He kneeled before me
Pulling me to the very front.
And slid his dick into my
pulsating cunt.

I gasped for air,
An orgasm at bay,
My walls squeezed him tight,
though he was only halfway.
He gripped my hips to
complete his thrust.
 I screamed out in pain
and in so much lust.

He filled my pussy
 with so much cock,
swinging his hips
like a pendulum clock.
I just knew the neighbors
could hear me down the block,
he definitely had this pussy on lock.

He stuck 2 fingers in my mouth,
As he continued to knock my pussy out.
I sucked them and even slid my
tongue in between.
It had me feeling like an addict,
a dope dick fiend.

He grabbed me by the throat,
And gave the ultimate stroke.
His grip got tighter, I began to choke.
So strange that my kitty got even
more moist.
 I came undone
at the sound of his voice.

‘That’s it baby...let me see that cum’
‘No Ma’am,
there’s no where for you to run’
‘Sexy ass, you’re so delicious, beautiful and thick’
‘Yes Ma’am, cum all over Daddy’s big dick’

And I came.
Oh I came the same way a river flows.
Like a bud opening up
into a pretty red rose.
I could feel it from my hair follicles to my toes.
But that didn’t stop him from issuing the blows.

He was practically drooling,
fucking me so hard.
 His dick was tighter than tight,
 his climax wasn’t far.
He said ‘Oooouuu baby...I’m about
make a mess’
as he spilled his cum
over my stomach and breast.
He moaned and went hoarse,
Telling me ‘Yes ,Oh Yesss’,
It was simply delectable, nothing less.

He bathed me by candlelight
and joined me in the tub.
He slid in behind me
and embraced me in a hug.
He told me he wanted me,
but he could never love.
I couldn’t feel a type of way,
I knew just what this was.

He said ‘I may not ever love you,
but you belong to me.’
I laughed and hugged his arms,
‘Now how can that be?’
He told me to look at him,
And said, ’Just like I said,
and if I catch you with another
man, baby you’re good as dead’.💀

Written by LovelySoul89
Author's Note
Part 1 of a delicious erotic tale...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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