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Keeping The Peeping To A Minimum

Peeping Tom      
I know him well    
He can usually be seen      
peering out from a gable green    
where his brothers dwell    
perched at the window sill      
dizzilly having his fill;    
young man certainly in Heaven    
Busily at stable scene across the way    
anywhere from scrawny to brawny -    
beautiful, brainy ladies numbering    
dutiful in going about their chores    
butt-naked and breasted-bare    
as the very day they were born;    
opting for no frocks    
not knickers nor any socks    
but choosing only to wear      
what the Creator did adorn them with    
and did so with great care -      
luscious, lengthy locks of hair    
Yet his manly man pride    
often hard with inside swell    
was subject to swiftly soften    
for one could also say    
Tom llkewise lived in Hell    
or to be more precise, Limbo;    
going nowhere was his life    
So ...      
let me explain in detail      
without further delay    
about his future wife      
Teenie, beloved bride to be    
was one of those lovely maidens fair    
Tom dilligently dated    
determined to take her hand    
For his Love, he waited    
and waited      
and ...    
But in sadness the womenfolk dwell;    
for their fallen father they do morn    
Lord Godiva died right where he fell    
not very far from the main gate    
Why, he never even left the estate!    
All because of a horse!    
Such dangerous creatures!!    
This one in particular    
having too much giddy-up in its gait!!!    
And our brooding, nuding gals      
the seven Lady Godivas wait --    
prolonging their pledge to marry    
Peeping Tom    
Peeping Dick    
Let's not forget    
Peeping Harry    
Peeping Sylvester    
Peeping Drexel    
and of course,    
Peeping Jack      
O! And last but not least on the list    
Peeping Frelinghuysen!    
The gist of this tale I tell    
is of men feeling lovesick    
desperately wanting their fiancees back    
Though the ladies no longer pay      
heed to anyone named Peeping      
because of the solemn oath sworn    
a promise they would be keeping    
without regret or remorse:    
to make the world's stables      
into much safer places    
from that unpredictably    
mad beast when it races    
known as the Horse!    
Author's Note
Inspired by Dr. Seuss's story, "The Seven Lady Godivas"
and for the competition : And all the Whos down in Whoville cried Boo Hoo Hoo:...
Inspired by Dr. Seuss's story, "The Seven Lady Godivas"
and for the competition : And all the Whos down in Whoville cried Boo Hoo Hoo:

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