Warrior Queens Lament

with residue of last night's dreams
and ... tears in my eyes.

Fighting off feelings of the mundane
SSDD till I barely remember my name...

As my alter on the doors of my soul
asking when can she come out to play...

I must...keep that bitch contained..
Her enjoyments border on the insane...
And I.... dont have time for that shit today.

Speaking Positive words to my weary soul
as best a Queen can...Sometimes the pain I feel
I think only a Lonely King would understand...
Yet the word the first word in the title
Of who I am...Battle ready always....
At my Post I always stand...

Prayer candles lit...
As I meditate to find my way...
I know my purpose... I was sent here
To SLAY.... NOT Play...
SO ... I'm the spirit realm
as I scry at night... Like 1 of the Charmed Ones
I'm Always ready for a spiritual fight...
Dreamscapin em I'm takin em
I will never †give in...
Protectin all the Souls in the realm †that I Live in

Warrior Queen is who I am...not just a Title
Called By My †Ancient Elders to do a work
That's Vital ...
Keeping my heart close to me... Keeping My
Inner thoughts Closed.... Not Allowing Vulnerability
 That † Leaves MY Spirit too exposed ...
I desire my soulmate...1 who can fight by my side...
Yet He is so difficult to find cause most cant leave
there ego or Pride behind...
I am only †submissive in my fantasies
I AM the Iron Fist...
Yet Still... in the quiet of the night...
This Warrior Queen still desires to be kissed
So these thoughts... I let them ebb & Flow
Like water in a stream...
Cant wait to sleep again...
Cause I only find Passion when I dream.
Written by Firebyrd
Author's Note
I wrote this piece because I have always battled with
the discipline of my body spirit & mind ... and I have realized
that even though sometimes my body wants †what it wants
Spirit MUST win
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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