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Image for the poem Passions of the Golden Box (CasketSharpe & Shawty624 Collaboration)

Passions of the Golden Box (CasketSharpe & Shawty624 Collaboration)

“Distracted from the movie because you’re feeling on me
Having my leg shaking like I have to pee,
 “The more your hand travels north, the more my legs get wider
Now your fingers are playing with your wanting desire,
 “Looking at you I see your mischievous grin
As two fingers slowly insert themselves in,
 “After a few wet minutes you ask am I ready to ride
Because there’s a storm brewing in here-just like outside,
 “Once home we continue our sexual movie-house function
Touching, kissing, caressing and finger fuckin,
 “Never making it to the bedroom, but in front of the fireplace
You controlling my body with a firm grip on my naked waist,

 “Two finger action is giving your pussy a creamy fit
While my slippery tongue is rollercoasting your clit,
 “Causing you to whine, moan and shake
I enjoy when your sex grip and pulsate,
 “Like an early morning flower you open wider
As my sexual impulses beg me to ‘go inside her’,
 “I remove my fingers, wanting to tastes your juicy wetness
Beginning with your ass and pussy-giving sucking kisses,
 “Seconds turn to minutes, but it don’t even matter
When you start to cuss and your hold on reality shatter,
 “Glistening my face, neck and chest non-stop
Begging me to enter your treasured golden box,

 “But you tell me ‘in due time’
Oh I got to get you for the teasing and crying,
 “Lie on your back as I pussy play the dick and fake straddle
Making it jump like a baby’s rattle,
 “Kissing on your neck and chest ended by a nipple bite
The look in your eyes-I can tell it excite,
 “The sexual sensations have your ass bitchin
Then I suddenly stop and head to the kitchen,
 “Returning with honey and coating your dick to the last drop
Followed by a sucking invasion on my honey-flavored lollipop,
 “Licking your pole up and down, head twisted to the side
Teasing you with a glance of this pussy you wanna get inside,
 “My sudden sweet deepthroat is having its effect
As you begin to sweat and veins pop out of your neck,
 “Keeping my purposely pulsating pussy just out of your reach
And before you about to release-I stand to my feet,

 “The surprise stoppage of your dick sucking release
Made me almost lose control of my pussy fiending beast,
 “But your teasing I did adore
As I position you face down ass up on the living room floor,
 “Grabbing both ass cheeks you know it’s no escape
Time to feel your re-dick-you-luss fate,
 “Giving your pussy a dick slap punishment
For putting me through that sucking sensational feel good shit,
 “Each strike is followed by an insert of just my dick head
Sending the desperate message of ‘fuck me’ to your head,
 “Causing pre-cum to clear-coat your pink pussy entrance
As I whisper in your ear ‘do you really want this?’

 “You know I do baby, because you’re causing me sexual agony
Of wanting you balls deep inside of me,
 “Now you’re putting me out of my misery
Inch by inch as you slowly drive me crazy,
 “I feel myself expanding to accommodate you
A sign that my pussy sexually submit to you,
 “Once deep inside, you stop for a minute
My sugar walls tighten-I know you can feel it,
 “Now your hour long strokes make me moan and cuss
Begging for you to increase this mind-blowing fuck,
 “An intense orgasm makes me scream-Oh shit!!
While fully covering your still penetrating dick,

 “The hot juices from your penetrated pussy-I let you taste yourself
Straight mouth action with no hand help,
 “Making sure you don’t get drunk off your sex fountain
I then guide you to ride the magic mountain,
 “Looking in my eyes you kiddie squeal with delight
And all the way to the nuts this dick and pussy gonna fight,
 “Thrust hard, grind hard as we sexual rhythm as one
And once again you cum, and cum, and cum,
 “Breathing becomes erratic and intense
Silenced from our erotic passionate kiss,
 “While we kiss I explode deep in your pink chamber
Not giving a damn about the baby making danger,
 “At that moment all logic is destroyed
As we fall into our own sexual void,
 “Several positions more we fuck until fatigue begin to creep
Until we finally snuggle close together and fall asleep”.
Written by CasketSharpe
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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