Veiled in Shadow

Shadow bound, born, and bred
her emotions high and darkness spread

Dead are your senses
you lose all defenses
Cast into this place
it feels like an empty space
there are trees and a sky full of stars, a forest perhaps
the gloomy magic that surrounds threatens to collapse

Opening this door to the world, even briefly, a certain chaos fled
the aftermath feeds on humanity, throughout the world they spread
Seducing some to their cause
destroying others, they defy human laws
The murder of Adam's family, so vicious
tossing them aside, his brother smiled as if they were delicious
Repressing the entirety would be impossible, it goes into a box
with the demons in his head, there aren't enough locks
She awakened something, in this enraged man
full of cold cruelty, hes trying to formulate a plan
He tracks her, rightly so, as she is the key
bent of revenge, he cannot leave her be

My daughter, I regret all you have had to endure
because I had a moment of weakness by being impure

Your mother was most precious to me
I hope you understand, we made each other feel free
Confined, trapped, her art was the only escape
cloaked in shadow, on her easel, I saw myself take shape
A tortured soul, bound and chained
guarding the gate to keep the demons contained
The swirling winds surround
watching her, I saw something profound
Curious, how she focused on me without fear
she captured the scene, the atmosphere
Creating a vision with every stroke of a brush
pulling him into existence, now there's no rush
Losing control, letting go
each other's bodies we got to know
That one remarkable moment left a spark
and chaos escaped, ready to make it's mark

I hearken to her call
the door opens and darkness falls

Emerging from twilight ready to defend, protect and slay
hoping her scream holds long enough for the need of my stay
Nevertheless, time always runs out and I'm pulled back to my post
torn, ripped from their world...I am but a ghost
Tormented, knowing I shall never pass
for so many years I've been stuck at an impasse
On the outside, looking in
seeing what your life has been
Wishing you mother could see
wishing she could hear my plea
Cut off from her, I'm losing my mind
these years without her have not been kind
Separating us is always a veil
to break it, I've continued to fail

Now, our daughter I'll defend
through her cry, dimensions I transcend
Going forth to be her sword
being her chess piece to call onboard
Giving up everything, a knight protects it's Queen
pawns, bishops, even a King intervene
Her fight, her drive, give me hope
still having a chance helps me cope
How have I not lost my mind?
isolated from my love's presence, I'm blind

Using the strength I have quietly kept
for years without end, my spirit has wept
Her touch, her love gave me serenity
now across the lake, peace saves her from obscenity
Though I long to be with her, consequences may ensue
watching my daughter from afar, not knowing how to bid her adieu
Finding a way across the lake would mean leaving her alone
she's strong but the chances of her surviving this world are unknown

Leaving her vulnerable poses a threat
I'm sorry, my love, I cannot leave yet

When she's safe, I'll travel to the place past the water but beneath the moon

my promise is and has always been that I will find you soon..
Written by ThiaTartorum
Author's Note
This poem is based on one of my favorite books called Shadow Bound by Erin Kellison. From Death's perspective.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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