Captain Underpants? *Written for a group of 10 year olds x)*

I'm not a superhero, although I try
I might have a cape, but I know I can't fly  
I don't have cool undies to wear outside my pants
With the undies I've got, I wouldn't take that chance
I can't climb tall buildings to save a damsel in distress
And every morning I get out of bed, my hair's just a mess
I've never been bitten by a radioactive spider
Nor have I ever had to find a super villains hideout
I like Saturday mornings watching cartoons on TV
With a sheet for a cape, I can pretend the super hero is me  
But I do think it's cool, I'll never get sick off kryptonite
And I'll never have to get up super early to fight
Cause I don't think super hero's ever get to sleep in  
And is it really fair they're always expected to win?
I'm not a super hero, but I can pretend  
In my imagination the world I can defend  
I'd get out my cool cape, and fly everywhere  
And if I got lucky, there'd be some birds I could scare
I might get a medal if there was someone to save
And it would be nice if everyone thought I was brave
Sometimes I wonder if super hero's feel fear
But maybe they don't in all their super hero'ing gear
They can run really fast and stop a truck in its tracks
Catch the super villain and bundle him up in a sack  
Along with my cape, I would like a really cool mask  
With an outfit like that, you'd know I'm up to the task
But maybe I'd get tired, always fighting crime
I'd still like some fun stuff to do with my time  
No, I'm not a super hero, but I think that's okay  
Although secretly I'd love to be one for a day  
With my cape and my mask I can make believe
Cause I don't need super powers to be happy with me  
©Indie Adams 2011
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 23rd Apr 2012
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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