Day by Day

You have a place on my sleeves
but wait for those close and loved to leave

My heart so weak to those who intrude
I'm soft is the thing most allude
I take people into my heart
then it hurts to be apart

All the people I miss
especially those I kiss
Losing a love feels like a rip somewhere inside
so much disbelief then the crushing pain, so much, I cried
But, oh, when the love is new
oh, wow, how sweet it was that my body knew
My heart, for once, so light
big brown eyes sparkling so bright

My soft, puffy lips touch yours with ease
uncertain then surprised with your tongue, you tease
Parting  my mouth with your tongue, you moan
I feel all of you, so vulnerable because of how close we've grown
My defenses just melt away, you break down my walls
alone in the dark, sharing everything during those late night phone calls
That kiss was all it took
my world, you grabbed and shook
Demanding everything I exposed my soul
during your consuming kiss, I gave you control

Every touch, every look was like fire
your hand on my neck, holding me to you, fed the pyre
The clarity I gained from the time we shared
such a deep connection, feeling so much, we got scared
You can't blame us, how cruel is time?
the future is a terrifying mountain we climb
But when we get to the top, what will we find?
will we be everything to each other, think ourselves blind?
Or will we come to a time when this has to end?
but you implied, those are rules you can  bend

" Instead of in the future, you can teach me to be here
and now to forget the future; please rid me of this fear"
A compromise because neither of us could bear the thought of losing this
the thought, we tried to forget, having to stop before getting to do more than kiss
So now, we agreed to take this day by day
maybe you can learn to live in the moment, this way
A compromise, I admit my weak heart is at fault
it would break, if this came to a halt

Powerless to your charms
I'll always end up in your arms
We fit together amazingly well
you kissed me and instantly, I could tell
Confused because of how well it all fits
despite our fears, I may not be ready to call it quits
Your kisses so intense, I felt myself go slick
I felt your lips on mine and my heart dropped like a brick
 My weak heart can't lose this, so day by day
that's what you said, though I've no clue what you're trying to say
I agreed, still unsure of your feelings, going in blind
we finally found time like, for us, the stars aligned
Giving you time to figure out what this equates to
trying to find out if , for a time, this is something to pursue

Only for a time, before an inevitable closing
of a door that hides so much fun, for you, I'll be posing
However you please, here for you to place
enjoying the present, letting go of the future with grace
Now, we enjoy this day by day
glad you're learning to live this way
Definitely not ready to let this go
already, so many things about this, I know
I'll love this until we are no longer able
so unexpected, so surprising, it felt like a fable

Awakened by the Angel of Death
but away, you took my breath

Being with you was tranquil, it reminded me of stories of the fae
completely happy and relaxed, it felt like Shadow, quiet, gloomy and grey
My heart felt safe and secure
your touch, your kiss was enough to ensure
That you  would never do me harm
I fell in love with your charm
An intimidatingly wonderful man
and I'm having fun not having a plan
These feelings are kind of scary and I hope they don't make you run
they aren't scary enough to stop me from having fun
Annoying people with how happy I've been
thinking about kissing and seeing that cocky little grin

You could see it all over my face
you were so turned on, you'd think I'd worn lace
Eventually, I had to come up for air
and remind myself to stop playing with your hair
Teasing you is so fun because I love the person you are
trust you enough that I shouldn't be nervous, no matter the scars
My vulnerability with you runs so deep
no secrets, from you, I can keep
Biggest promise is that we're friends first
we've carried each other through some of our worst
If we could just enjoy this while it's here
there will be no regrets when our time is near

So for now, we just live our lives with whatever we feel; day by day we'll carry on
then when the time comes we'll be able to  let go with the grace of a swan...
Written by ThiaTartorum
Author's Note
This is about a guy that I have known since I was 12 years old, he was important to me.. We shared so much over the years, no secrets, no embarrassment...we knew everything about each other, even the...
This is about a guy that I have known since I was 12 years old, he was important to me.. We shared so much over the years, no secrets, no embarrassment...we knew everything about each other, even the things we don't talk about with others...I loved him in so different ways for a long time. My husband and I are polyamorous and the guy the poem is about and I started something as just friends with benefits...then it became a lot more. We decided to test the waters together, no matter how it's something I'll never regret..or forget.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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