Susan Sweet

Susan sweet
So young and free With curly hair that she trims once a week
When she see you she melts like butter
Throbbing,thumping and screaming out loud
Damn Susan Sweet have some self control would you PLEASE!
See the way that you shape and form
Is so unique
That he who enters you
She will grip just like a leech,
So moist and warm
She's dripping
She's twitching
Knees keep shaking
And oh did I mention
His name is Mr.Wand
And he's full of charm
With big brown muscles that he like to flex
I can only imagine what he will do next
He takes his shirt off and put on his hood
A man with Ambition
A man who's understood
As he slowly approach me my heart is racing fast
He leans and gives me a gentle kiss with a soft rub
Tonight is a moment that I had in my past
As I'm clenching on I'm thinking to myself
Mr.Wand make one more move.
He gone get all I have left
So Tempting with sweet Temptations
As I slowly gives in
Yes! Yes! And Yes!
This rush of his flesh
See Pussy have the power
While Dick hold the Strength
Put too together its a beautiful Mist
Susan Sweet has been Dick down and ready to go to sleep
But Mr,Wand won't let her sleep
He still have more to give and he hasn't Nut yet
So she climbs aboard the Ship until she Ship had Shipwreck.
Susan Sweet is so sore
Wand K.O that there's throw up all on the floor
No More! No more!
That's all I can say
As I put my Panties on and put Susan Sweet away
I will leave behind no trace
But the memory of Susan juice that's left all on his face
If this was a SEX crime then the police will have a case
His Dick has blinded me like I just been sprayed with mace
Susan Sweet! Susan Sweet!
Don't you go now
But its a must I go
I gotta get up out this house
Glimpse of memory of how he stroke that kneck
Sent a Signal to Susan as she begins to get wet
There's it goes again that tingling that I get
Mr.Wand is A Drug
He's My Medicine when I'm sick
I'm biting on my lip
I'm pacing back and forth
I'm crying out for mercy Cause I just can't fight the force
What is my next move
What will I do next
Mr.Wand! Mr.Wand!
I Need another fix
I need you to beat her good
So Susan Can finally rest
She just won't let me be
I Need you right now
Help me lord! Will you please!
See I can't do this shit
 not all on my own
I Need your demanding touch
Just tell me what to do
He snatch my panties off
While looking in my eyes
Deep Stroke! Deep stroke!
Now she Dick-Notize
My hands gripping the sheets
He sucking all on my breast
I'm loving every minute as he whispers he confess
Damn she so sweet
She good and sloppy wet
I love being in the middle
The middle of your legs
Susan Sweet! Susan Sweet!
Marry me baby please!
The power of this pussy drop that grown man to his knees
As he exploded like a volcano
I yelled out Yes!
Susan Sweet just corrupted as i was biting on his chest
I relieve off so much stress
The mission that I gave him,he completed
He past the test!
He gave me exactly what i ask of but more nothing less
I put myself together cause my hair look a mess
Girl talk to Susan, alright girl you done it you can finally be at rest
I have nomore energy so be cool be blessed
Thank you for my curves women empowerment is the best
Susan Sweet
How could you be
You A mans greatest gift
So special and tender
I'm off to bed now
I hope my fingers doesn't linger
Susan To Damn Sweet
Yeap That's Me
......peace ✌
Written by Yellowbone25
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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