Mass Manipula'shun'

It's not very interest'n ta study  
manipulashun in acshun
'specially when tha perpetrahtah
plays tha vict'm ta garnah a'tenshun
They'ah unscrupulous b'haviah
position'n pawns in tha game
of spiteful revenge:
psychopaths, sociopaths, nahcissists  
or sum uthah type of predatah  
with a personal agendah
to control they'ah victum
Until it becomes  
a not-so-subtle way ah life  
embedded in deceitful maneuvahs
with they'ah own arsenal  
of dirty blueprints
Tha innocent go down  
one-aftah-tha othah;
fall'n by tha wayside  
as though sacrificial offer'ns:
People suf'ren emotional imbalances  
and addictions are prime tahgets:  
depression, anxiety, insecurity
loneliness, rejecshun, and angah
anyone look'n ta belong
or feel loved become playdough
ta mold at will in the hands  
of a manipulatah  
Tha saddest paht  
is that once they stumble  
ovah tha edge . . .
they gone -  
an tha manipulatah  
you jok'n right?  
It's pah for tha course
while mov'n on  
to tha next  
As long as they smell like a rose
they could cay'ah less  
A trained observah knows -  
and then some  
specially whats com'n round
tha bend on its own  
Three, four, five now
shoot, thas just tha ones  
I know . . .
I can bet theys plenty mo'ah
where they came from;  
left dang'ln aftah they'ah
purpose was served  
Nope; it's not very interest'n  
ta study manipulashun in acshun;
it's simply sad for tha victum  
Written by AgentStarling (Clarice)
Author's Note
Inspired by clinical observation regarding narcissistic sociopath, psychopath, and other anti-social personality disorders. Wish ah could say it's fascinat'n.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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